You’re changing diapers, cleaning up spills and have the PBS Kids television programming memorized. What happened to you? Somewhere inside that cloak of fatherhood is a guy that just wants to party. For years now, the go-to game for adults looking for a laugh has been Cards Against Humanity. However, like slap bracelets and rainbow loom, that pop-culture smash is starting to saturate the market and is leaving some people looking for something new. Well, look no further: Never Have I Ever is the new game you want to play. The so-called “Game of Poor Life Decisions” will have you retelling tales of debauchery and hilarity via the 550 game cards (download a free version from their site for a taste of the not-safe-for-kids content). As the instructions cleverly state “the only rule is ‘no judgement'” so put the kids to bed early, invite some (good) friends over, crack open that wine, and laugh your ass off.

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