So, one of the founders of Relevant Dad has had a slight addition to eBay for a long time. Slight = 3+ hours per day, and that co-founder is me, Kevin. With a pair of 5-month-old boys, and the forthcoming fall and winter, I have begun to look onward from eBay for more focused baby-outfitting. Saturday I found it. It’s called thredUP. Below is an outline of purchases and prices. My wife (who loathes my eBay addition) actually praised the purchases. #winning

ITEMS PURCHASED: Jacardi Cords, Jacardi Cargo Cords, Jacardi Corduroy shorts, Narrow Jeans, Polarn O. Pyret Jeans, Polarn O. Pyret tank (not practical but so money), Polarn O. Pyret Shirt, Baby Gap Denim engineers uniform, Baby Mayoral Shorts, Janie & Jack Oxford, Velour Hoody by Ralph Lauren, J. Crew Camo sweatshirt.

TOTAL PRICE: $73.13 including shipping (not lying) with the promo code.


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