There are two types of dads in the world: Those who understand their kid’s math homework and those who don’t. Most of us fall into that latter category when it comes to arithmetic more advanced than point spreads and how many fantasy points we need Drew Brees to have on a given week to win. So when our kids ask us to check their homework we get a tinge of dread. If only there was an app that would allow us to check our young Einstein’s algebra homework without breaking into a mental sweat. Wait…someone made one? Check out Photomath. Photomath is the World’s first smart camera calculator that reads and solves mathematical problems in real time, making math easy and simple. This is a great tool for kids to grasp their math homework and parents to help them untangle the web of simple and complex equations. Not only does Photomath instantly solve equations it also lays out the solution step by step so your kids (and you) can learn a thing or two about binomial theorems without having your eyes glaze over.



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