It happens all the time. You put the kids to bed, grab a beer / pour a glass of wine, start watching Netflix and just as the second episode is about to start you look over at your wife and find that she’s already fallen asleep. The frustrating part is trying to figure out when she fell asleep and you end up having to re-watch what you already saw the night before (#firstworldproblems). If you’ve got some time off over the holidays, Netflix has a DIY project right up your alley: Smart socks that automatically pause your binge viewing when someone falls asleep. Though the cost of materials can add up to much more than your average pair of socks, the process actually isn’t that complicated. Since we’re a little too old for the “Netflix and Chill” DIY Switch, this new project certainly seems to have millennial parents like us in mind. Check out the video below for more info and click here for instructions on how to make them.


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