If you have a kid under 10 you probably already know what a blind bag toy is and if you don’t just hold on. Your kid will let you know about them pretty soon. Think of blind bag toys as the modern day baseball card pack, you know you’re getting something fun you just don’t know what. These tiny toys are all on brand but could be one of a bunch of various characters and costumes. Kids are flipping out for these, if you don’t believe us just search blind bag toys on Youtube. Woah. Here are a few we have had some across our desk in the past that we think you might like.

  1. Num Noms Lipgloss & Poster Set  ($11)
  2. Disney Villan Keychain ($4)
  3. Star Wars Micromachines  ($6)
  4. Playmobil Girls Figures  ($5)
  5. Lego Movie Series  ($10)
  6. K’Nex Super Mario  ($4)
  7. BBC Earth Walking With Dinosaurs  ($11)
  8. TMNT Mash-Em Series  ($7)
  9. Funko Disney’s Inside Out  ($7)

That last one the Funko Disney’s Inside Out blind bags are really fun to open with your kids. Just ask our friends over at the MommyandGracieShow, they loved them too!


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