Forget the box of chocolates from the drugstore, flowers from the grocery store, cliche Victoria’s Secret lingerie, last-minute department store perfume, ubiquitous chain store jewelry, or handmade coupons for sex. She doesn’t want any of it. What she does what is something thoughtful, something that shows you made an effort, and something that is practical. Much like our holiday list, these gifts are for the “woman” you married, not the mom. We recommend choosing to treat Valentine’s Day as less of a Hallmark holiday and more of a “thank you for everything you do” day. You never know. If you play your cards right maybe you’ll still get that Victoria’s Secret surprise after the kids are in bed. 


Handmade Anchor Bangle ($68) – For the woman who does, indeed, like jewelry, don’t get some mass produced piece from a jewelry chain at the mall. Get something handmade and understated that will mean something to her.


Letters to My Baby ($12) or Letters to My Future Self ($9) – For the introspective woman, get her either of these (depending on where she is in her life) and some free time away from the kids to actually write.


Engraved Keychains ($15) – For the woman that doesn’t want gifts, a tiny trinket that says “I know we don’t exchange gifts but I want you to know that I love you” is better than not actually getting anything.


Appointed Charcoal Notebook ($24) – For the woman that “leans in” this gift says “you are kicking ass and I love you for that.”


Personalized Family Mugs ($28) – For the woman that would be happy with any personal DIY present but you don’t have time to make anything, these mugs are a close second.


Cuyana Open Cashmere Cardigan ($225) – For the woman who is always cold, an oversized cardigan is the only thing better than your warm embraces.


Karmasheetra ($28) – For the woman who not only tolerates your sexual advances but finds them endearing, there’s this.


Lomo’Instant Marrakesh ($169) – For the woman who spends more time on Instagram than in real life, get her the real deal.


HyberChiller Iced Coffee Marker ($30) – For the woman who needs coffee (basically every mom) but prefers it iced.


Stelton Mint Green Travel Mug ($35) – For the woman that totes a hot beverage with her everywhere she goes.


Juniper Books’ Classic Love Stories Set ($150) – For the bookworm that doesn’t dabble in that eReader nonsense.


What to Wear Clothing Line at Target – For the cost-conscious woman who still wants to dress in style, this line at Target by celebrity style site Who What Wear won’t disappoint or deplete your bank account.


Parachute Venice Bedding Set ($200+) – For the woman who just wants “five more minutes” in bed before dealing with kids the rest of the day, make sure those five minutes are worth it.


Love Themed Origami Fortune Cookies ($5) – For the woman who would appreciate nothing more than your sentimentality, write some nice things about her in these clever paper fortune cookies.


Popbasic Navy Le Breton ($48) – For the woman who is a Francophile but lives with the fact that she’s not getting back to Paris until the kids are in college.


Best of Youth on Netflix – For the woman who just needs to spend a day on the couch cuddling with you, ordering Chinese food and sipping her favorite wine. Trust us, this 6-hour-long Italian film will entertain the whole way through and melt hearts in the process.


Wet “Don’t You” Vinyl ($20) – For the woman who doesn’t listen to pop radio and would rather chill out with some wax instead, this Massachusetts band’s debut is having a bit of a moment right now. Think Sade for 2016.


TAKENAKA Bento Box ($28) – For the woman who brings her lunch to work instead of eating out or getting delivery each day.


Sagaform Yoghurt Cup ($7) – For the woman who takes her breakfast on the go.


PYROPET Dýri Light Blue Candle ($35) – For the woman who collects candles, get her an awesome candle.


Senz Storm Umbrella ($65) – For the woman who has to commute by foot on blustery city sidewalks.


Millefiori Natural Vanilla and Wood Diffuser ($24) – For the woman who says you take too long in the bathroom and that you never use enough spray, do yourself a favor by getting her this.


Roses are Red Valentine’s Day Card ($5) – For the woman who wants nothing more than a cheeky card and a heartfelt note from you on Valentine’s Day.


Canadian Wool Socks ($12) – For the woman who always has cold feet (literally, not figuratively).


Mast Brothers 200g Vanilla Chocolate Bar ($24) – For the woman who loves chocolate (but you are taking our advice by steering clear of drugstore brands and are buying her top of the line chocolate instead, right?).

convertible-trench convertible-tote

Convertible Trench Coat ($45) – For the woman who appreciates the art of multipurpose products and transformation ingenuity.


Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker ($33) – For the woman who is tired of the drip coffee maker at home but too cost conscious to frequent the local coffee shop.



All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps by Dave Isay ($11) – For the woman who cries over everything from greeting cards to commercials to chain emails, this collection of stories will melt her.


Vectorfunk Jacquard Throws ($145) – For the woman who studied art in college and has a penchant for monochromatic textiles (Ok, we’re getting pretty niche here but this afghan is off the charts awesome).


Fitbit Alta ($130) – For the woman who spends just as much time working out as she does chasing kids but never got a Fitbit before because they look too dorky, the new Alta was designed for fashionistas.

And one for good luck…


Take the kids for the afternoon, day or weekend (Free) – Skip the corny coupon gimmick. Just leave a PS at the bottom of the card and tell her you’ve got Saturday covered. She could use the break.

Still need more ideas? Check out our last holiday gift guide for 30 more great items or just browse other products For the Wife previously featured on Relevant Dad.


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