When we first saw the Bilibo from Moluk we were all like…that’s it? Do you want to know what our problem was? We’re adults. We don’t see it like our kids see it and what they see is, a seat, a turtle shell, a bucket, a step stool, a bed for their dolls, a fort for their heroes, a half pipe for their toy cars, a base for a sandcastle, and a soothing rocking chair for reading time. Like Moluk says, “Deceptively simple and magically attractive, Bilibo’s iconic shell shape and bright colors immediately appeal to children” which is why we didn’t understand it at first. But, we had a Tom Hanks Big moment and let ourselves be kids again and it became quite clear, this plastic shell was quite simply hours of fun just waiting to happen. Now if we can just turn that robot into a bug we’ll have something awesome.



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