Okay, kids sing along with us. “The Apple Watch is connected to the…iPhone and the iPhone is connected to the wifi & the Fitbit is connected to the Andriod and the Android is connected to the internet and the internet is connected to…” everything. Even things we wish it wasn’t. The internet is part of us and we are part of it. Which as parents can be super scary sometimes!  We know you have read all the horrifying new articles or have seen Scott Pelley at 6:30 offering a dire warning about the bad parts of the internet that our kids stray into but still we have to embrace it as a necessary tool right? In many ways, we would be doing our kids a disservice to shut them out of the web completely but we know how easily it is to click here or there and end up somewhere truly sketchy. Enter Kiddle. Kiddle is “Google search” powered 3rd party search engine that is supposed to be very visual and kid safe*. This is a handy tool for parents because “sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content.” The search results are also organized in a very kid friendly manner.

kiddle 1

The first three results will typically be sites actually made for your kids! Kiddle not only weeds out the smut but it provides your child with interesting and engaging content. Kiddle also does not collect any personal data from your kids which is pretty important these days. Kiddle will give you some peace of mind when your kids are searching online, but still be a #relevantdad and keep tabs on what your kids are connected to anyways. A safe child is a happy child.

*Some users are finding sites/references that are slipping through the filters so like we said, always double check what your kids are searching for.


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