The XLR8 Connect and Go Back Pack Diaper Bag is probably the most impressive diaper bag you will come across today. We all know that the diaper bag shopping is essential when you and your wife are in the nesting phase of pregnancy. Well, fellas look no further. This diaper bag doubles as a sleek backpack that will hold everything you could ever need for a day with baby in its 20 storage pockets. It has insulated side compartments for a full load of bottles and snacks, a Bluetooth speaker so you can stream some Rockabye Baby in the park and a power bank to recharge your own electronics on the go. Our favorite feature? Well, it’s surely the attached LED light that illuminates the dark recesses of the bag in the pitch black so you don’t have to stick your hand in the empty yogurt cup when you’re looking for your last clean binky. Go ahead and XLR8 into being a new dad with this awesome diaper bag.



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