Imagine a house where your kids eagerly awaited the mail to come so they could start reading again. It would sort of be like you in the 90’s waiting for the BMG Music Club package to come. Together Tales line of interactive books will have your kids eagerly wanting to immerse themselves into the world you as a parent help create for them. Together Tales is an interactive story that is split up into chapters with tasks and games at the end of each that help the characters in the book more the story along. Maybe one chapter they need to play a game online, the next a hunt for puzzle pieces around your home or even a jaunt around your local park where navigation points set off videos on your phone. C’mon, how much fun does that sound like? “When you order a Together Tales book, you will receive an Adventure Kit in the mail containing everything you need to send the child in your life on a reading adventure. Each kit comes with the Together Tales book of your choice, divided into individually bound chapters, a parental guide as well as puzzle pieces, recipes, and any other supplementary materials necessary to create the adventure.”  We love nothing more than sharing the adventure of reading with our kids, now we can actually have an adventure thanks to Together Tales.



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