When we were putting together our annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide we kept thinking that sometimes it’s fun to buy a gift for the woman in your life that can only be unwrapped in the bedroom… late at night. Sure, these are arguably more likely gifts for you men, but we think she secretly would dig these gifts too. NSFW Below


Chantilly Lace & Satin Slip – ($50) Get this because you find her just as sexy now as she was back in college when she ended up back at your place and she needs to know that.


Schöne Bath Bombs, Naughty (Pack of 6) ($18) She deserves to get naughty in the bath and if she doesn’t get so relaxed that she falls asleep you just might be in for a fun night.


Afterglow Natural Massage Candle ($24) You may remember these candles from HBO’s Girls, or maybe not since you were watching GOT, but nothing will relax and turn your partner on faster than a sensual massage.


Hello Touch Vibrator ($80) Gizmodo (yes, that Gizmodo) said this was maybe the best sex toy ever invented and who can argue? The Hello Touch Vibrator from JimmyJane is less like a foreign object interfering with your bedroom mojo and more like a supplement to you or your partner’s natural touch.


Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life  ($11) Reading is sexy and sometimes you may learn something you didn’t know. This book will turn down your sheets and shake things up a bit.


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