We like products that are more than meets the eye and this line of creative play sets from CALAFANT are essentially three products in one: cardboard construction sets that become an arts & crafts project that become a toy. Designed in Germany and made of incredibly sturdy cardboard, kids can construct and build on their own thanks to the intuitive design and easy-lock-system. The four medium-sized sets also include 12 high-quality markers to color in the line art while the three larger sets are a blank canvas more appropriate for painting. After your kids have built and decorated their set, the open-ended creative play experience begins since the sets are built to scale with other common toys and action figures. Sure, you could go out and easily drop $100 on a dollhouse for your daughter, or you could spend $20 on something that she will take more pride in since she built it and decorated it herself. And if the time ever comes where she doesn’t play with dolls anymore, instead of dumping it in a landfill with all the other plastic toys, simply recycle it with all your other paper and cardboard. Available in seven designs great for both boys and girls, pick up a medium King’s Castle, Princess Castle, Pirate’s Treasure, or Three Little Pigs set for a great rainy-day, all-in-one activity or grab a large Palace, Fortress or Pony Farm for more of a hands-on, family craft project.

What’s a Shameless Plug? In the spirit of full disclosure, we here at Relevant Dad will always tell you if we’re posting a product, service or destination that we’re connected to financially or professionally. CALAFANT is a product line that is being distributed in North America by a company affiliated with one of the founders of this site. While that doesn’t make the line any more/less awesome than anything else found on Relevant Dad, we just thought you should know.

$16 - $20


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