The spiritual center of every kid’s bedroom is the night light. The constant radiating comfort that a night light emits calms and comforts your little sleepers but it can also send them into fever dreams of the local all you can eat buffet. Sure, you can buy a boring old night light at the pharmacy in the baby aisle but doesn’t your nursery deserve a little more…uh, pizza? Forgive us, we were looking up night lights and taking lunch orders for the office at the same time and got a little carried away. We do think, however, that you will fall in love with these night lights and so will your hungry kids.

relevantdad bacon

Crispy Bacon ($25) You can’t go wrong when you blink your eyes sleepily at 3am and see some bacon frying right? So good you can almost smell it.

Ice Cream Cone ($15) The staple of Summer, this ice cream cone can glow all night in your child’s dreams.


Kikkerland Pizza Night Light ($9) We might just order two of these. One for the kids room and one for ours. Pizza. Night. Light. (Obama mic drop.)


Cup Of Milk  ($11) How about a double dose of comfort? Milk and light all frozen together in the perfect night light for your restless sleepers.


Gummy Bear ($28) Jury is out on this one, we think your kids will love it. However, it may just be creepy enough to scare the sh#t out of them at 2am. Be sure to have the monster spray handy dad.


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