Dance recital season is upon us which means if you have a child enrolled at a dance studio you’re about to trade a weekend outdoors in the beautiful spring weather for a weekend in a school auditorium jockeying for an unobstructed seat position. This year we are going to eschew the traditional grocery store bouquet of flowers for a gift that will get a lot more use by our preschooler – this limited edition Misty Copeland Barbie Doll. For those dads out there who are not up to date on who’s who in the dance world, Ms. Copeland has broken barriers by becoming the first African-American Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theater. While internet comments that the doll looks a more “Barbie” than it looks “Misty” are totally valid (especially when it comes to skin color), we’re still in support of the positive message Mattel was trying to convey. What version of Barbie would you prefer your daughter was playing with? While regular Barbie is at the mall Misty’s Barbie is busy breaking glass ceilings. Get one while you can – they’re selling out everywhere.



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