The brand new Sesame Studios (Youtube Channel) is like the SNL Digital Shorts of the children’s television world. In short, it’s awesome. We spent some time after work with our kids and all the testers in the Relevant Dad extended family loved these videos. Your kids will continue to get the same Sesame Street quality nuggets of wacky fun and worthwhile educational tips and you as parents won’t have to feel guilty for plopping them down in front of the tube for longer episodes of tv shows. Short and sweet, Sesame Studios is sure to be a perpetual hit in your household.

The makers of Sesame Street welcome you to Sesame Studios, a brand new YouTube channel hosted by Marvie. Original stories and songs, full of new friends, all with the same educational goodness you’d expect from Sesame Street. Learn humongous words with the Puffballs, dance along to fun songs that will have you moving and grooving, and play along with Marvie: your lively host and new best friend.


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