When my wife and I were finally alone in the wee hours of the morning after our daughter was born we didn’t know what to do. Was this real? There she was, this beautiful sleeping human that we had created had my wife had given birth to all day the day before. Here we were, this new family, worn out, blissful, and totally unable to calm down to sleep. So, we put on JJ Heller’s album I Dream Of You which is a gentle collection of lullabies not only for a new life but for a new family. JJ and her husband Dave have heard many such stories over the past couple of years of new families in peacefully moments, happy moments and incredibly sad moments in those early days in the hospital playing their music to help families love and grieve. Now they have started a mission to get their album into as many children’s hospitals nationwide because music is love, it is life and it brings us all a little bit closer in times of joy and need. So, for every album that you buy, they will donate one to a hospital in need. – Relevant Dad Shawn  (iTunes, Amazon, or shop.jjheller.com)


Healing Music For Children’s Hospitals – Some Real Life Accounts

  • Your songs provided us so much comfort while my daughter was in the NICU. Emma Grace was born at 24 weeks gestation. She only weighed 1lb 8 ounces at birth. Your music is still part of our night time routine.
  • My son is 2.5 years old [and has a] Sensory Processing disorder. The only thing that makes him happy when he’s having a bad day is [JJ’s] voice. He loves your “I dream of you” CD and we take it everywhere. 
  • I had really bad postpartum. Our friend gave us your CD as a gift, and it became my voice in the storm. When I couldn’t speak, I sang to my son, and to myself. 



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