If a game called “Happy Salmon” sounds ridiculous, you’re right. It totally is. And that’s why it’s the game that everyone will be (or should be) talking about this year. Forget about all those “edgy” party games trying to duplicate the success of Cards Against Humanity. They’re a dime a dozen and few actually end up being any fun. Instead, think of something completely different that comes packaged in a fabric fish… Stay with me here. Happy Salmon from North Star Games is for ages 6 and up (though we guarantee it will make a great drinking game, too) and plays best with big groups. Each player plays the top card from their deck simultaneously and tries to find another player with a match. What’s fun is that everyone’s shouting at the same time and you have to complete the corresponding physical requirement (like a high five) before you can move on to the next card in your deck. The first person to get through their deck of cards wins. Words can’t describe how chaotic and fun it is. It’s a perfect game to buy for kid’s birthday gifts and is portable enough to go with you on all your summer vacations. Our family will be playing it over and over again for a long time. 

A “Relevant Dad Toy Fair NY16″ pick – one of the best products we found at Toy Fair. 



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