We have all been that couple standing in the middle of Babies-R-Us testing all the different strollers feeling completely overwhelmed. Stroller shopping is maybe the most stressful part of maternity next to you know…financial planning. Here is something that can help you out in both departments, get a Mia Moda 3-in-1 Marisa stroller. Not only are Mia Moda strollers sleek, not only are they affordable, not only are they a time saver, they are also so very versatile. Versatile is a golden word when it comes to all things, toddler and baby. You want that flexibility to lay your kid flat for nap time on the go. You want that versatility to fold the stroller flat and compact for trips to stores with tiny aisles, you just want options because if option A results in hysterics (for you, your wife or the baby) you want the versatility to move on to option B, and C, and D. Parenting is just 18 years of laying out options for your kids, why not give them as many as possible?

$190 +


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