You’re a man. You just spent the afternoon mowing the lawn and weeding the flowerbeds or maybe you spent it ignoring these chores and watching Chopped instead. You split and stacked a half cord of wood before breakfast or maybe you slept off a hangover you got because last night was “Saturday’s Are For The Boys.” You’re a man whether you work up a sweat lugging bales of hay or laying on the couch doing nothing at all and you deserve a laundry detergent that acts like it knows that you are a guy. The only free and clear you want in a detergent is free and of perfumey smells. Frey’s new Oak & Musk has been formulated for the male sensibilities after your wash cycle is complete your clothing will not only be cleaner than using your normal detergent, it will smell subtlety amazing. Two other things you will lover about Frey, each bottle you buy from them they will donate a bottle to someone in need and 10% of each unit sold goes to charity as well. Smell good, do good, be a man.



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