b.box baby’s awesome diaper wallet was born as all great parenting tools are, while under stress trying to wrangle a newborn in a foreign spot. This time is was on a flight to New Zeland when the need to a simple portable all in one diaper/wipe storage device was desperately needed. As parents, we all can attest that yes, that would make life easier while on the go.  “All in one” is such a beautiful phrase isn’t it? b.box is short for baby box and this diaper wallet holds the most important items for baby when you are out and about. A handful of spare diapers a changing mat and wipes cleverly separated but all in one hand spot. If you want out relevant dad pro tip, grab two of these for your backpack, diaper bag, car, wherever and in the second store a change of clothing. You will always be prepared with the b.box baby diaper wallet.


IMG_4571_version b




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