It’s hard to build a clever little alliteration around the word frisbee but darn it we try. What isn’t hard is actually playing frisbee with your kids. It’s a time-honored backyard, park field, hot beach tradition, throwing the old disc around. Coop Sports has a great line of frisbees this summer that will provide your next family outing with some old fashioned fun. “Wheather backhand, forehand or hammer throw, Coop Discs make throwing and catching a breeze!” We have been having daily disc tosses in the parking lot after work with the Chill Wave 110 G disc that is perfect for all ages and skill levels. We also love the Reactorz Disc for late night summer fun with the kids. This disc lights up as it’s thrown to provide parents with a handy tool to get the last bit of energy out of their kids before bed. Talk about a dad hack right? The best part of Coop Sports disc’s is that they start at the family-friendly price of $4.99.

$4.99 +


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