I am in week 4 of being a new dad again and  I can safely tell you that sleep deprivation is no joke. It’s in the early morning sleepless hours that mistakes happen. Like putting the orange juice back in the dishwasher or dropping your older kid off at school on a Saturday. Getting your infant to sleep more than 2-3 hours clips is key to everyone’s sanity and happiness in those first few months of life and that it why we love, love, love Ergo Pouch. This award winning Australian company offers a large line of sleepwear for your babies at all stages of need. They even have a super helpful buying guide that lets you pinpoint the best Ergo Pouch products for your baby. We have been using the ErgoCocoon Summer Swaddle for our nearly month old and have seen a few five hour sleep nights which have been AMAZING.  It’s pretty great that when we are ready to pop our little girl’s arms out of the cocoon later in the summer we don’t have to buy a whole new system. It’s the little things that help parents that are the most ingenious right? Check out Ergo Pouch and get your sleep system or one for your pregnant friends today. (Yes, these make the perfect gift for the parent to be.) How to get your baby to sleep longer…get an Ergo Pouch by smashing that BUY button below or clicking here.


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