Aren’t you getting tired of playing the same old bean bag toss game during your summer outings guys? Next time you get the crew together this summer break out the hot new game from Coop Sports, PaddleZlam. PaddleZlam is the ultimate anywhere game, it is super portable so you can use it during your next tailgate of break it out in the backyard before mom calls you all in for dinner. This game can get intense and you will definitely work up a good sweat, which after that summer bbq might be a good thing #dadbod. The skill and pace of gameplay will all depend on who is playing, meaning this game is great for your adult friends or a slower more fun session with the kids. PaddleZlam will give you a heart-pounding good time with family and friends. Check it out and smash that BUY button below or check out your local Target store today.



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