Hey, fam. (waving hand emoji) Good morning, look outside. Ah yes, the dew is slowly drying in the grass as the sun peeks through the trees in the backyard. Coffee drips and children stir. It’s Saturday morning and today is going to be hot, you can feel it already. That blanket of humidity that turns to sweat on your forehead as soon as you step onto the porch is lurking. So, drink that coffee and fill up that pool you bought on Prime Day. Oh, you already have a pool? Look – at – you fancy man! Congrats on that I guess.

Now, step your pool game up a notch with Hydro Spring Hoops and make your pool a basketball court.  This pool hoop is easy to set up and twist and fold down for storage and quick play. This is a great product, the base is heavy meaning it won’t tip over in the pool when the pace of play gets heated! The included ball is easy to grip and rip when pool time turns into NBA Jam 2k17. Have fun dunking on your kids and wife dad, this hoop is really really, fun.



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