“Jeeze that is a sweet swing, where did they learn to hit like that?” “Well, we started em young with the American Plastic T-Ball set.” “For real?” “Yuuup.”

If your little one is anything like mine they have spent the summer pretending to mimic their favorite major leaguer swinging the whiffle ball bat around in the back yard. Problem is they have no concept on how to actually make contact with a ball. Since they are a little young to take down to the local diamond for BP, we found them this awesome American Plastic T-Ball set. It’s American made which you know is actually making America great when you buy it, and it’s super durable and easy to set up for a hitting lesson outback. My kid has taken many wacks at this set and it and it takes everyone. So if you want your kid to learn the swing of Aaron Judge get them started today with this perfect starter set.

(Set includes tee, bat, and 2 balls.)



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