Huge congrats to the Play 60 team who has brought this important program all over the country to enrich kids lives. You all should be super proud of all the great things you have done.

Ten years ago this week, at a playground in New Orleans, we launched NFL PLAY 60 – an important program to keep kids active and healthy.

PLAY 60 has helped children get their necessary daily physical activity. Our players recognize the value of staying healthy, and it’s important that our youth also understand the benefits of exercise, whether through organized sports or playing outside with friends.

Since Oct. 9, 2007, millions of kids and thousands of communities have become more physically active through PLAY 60. With the help of NFL teams, players and partner organizations, more than 2,000 PLAY 60 events are held annually, and more than 250 NFL Youth Fitness Zones have been constructed nationwide. As a result, more than 16 million kids are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day through PLAY 60 programs, play spaces and events.

It is exciting to see the positive impact PLAY 60 has had over the last ten years, but we have more work to do. Together with our players, teams and partners, we will continue our efforts and inspire kids to lead healthy lives for decades to come. Roger Goodell

More Info on Play 60 Here


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