We have tons of small figurines here at home, Peppa Pigs, Disney princesses, nearly everyone from Sesame Street and of course M. I. C. K. E. Y. – M. O.U. S. E.. When we got the new line of ANIA figurines from Tomy Toys the first thing my kiddo explained was “They are real daddy!” She meant that they are lifelike in appearance which is a commitment to their amazing design. Each figurine has one or two minimal movements that help create that spark of imagination that will propel your child into adventure with their new animals. These toys have three distinct lines, Ocean, Grasslands, Prehistoric and Arctic but if you are like our family you will totally have a T-Rex mixing it up with a red panda and a meerkat. We may have had a princess or two riding a polar bear at one point no big deal.

You can find these figurines at your local Toys R’ Us or online in a very family friendly price range. Get playing!

ANIA Get ready for a pack of animal fun with ANIA Animals, the all-new preschool line of articulated animals and playsets designed to inspire hours of nature-themed play and exploration. Highly-detailed ANIA Animals feature multiple points of articulation for realistic role play and feature animals from around the globe.  Ages: 3 years and up.



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