Oh shit…Valentine’s Day is like right now. You’ve known that for weeks but you still haven’t picked up anything yet, have you? Thought so. Sure, you could overnight something on Amazon but she’ll see right through that. Besides, she may not even want stuff. Chances are she just wants some downtime to herself. Here are some last-minute ideas that could potentially save your ass this year.


Flowers from Urbanstems ($35+)

Sure, flowers die and it’s kinda cliche, but you should still get them anyway. If you don’t have a garden where you can pick your own, Urbanstems is a new startup that offers a selection of fresh, seasonal bouquets hand delivered within hours via bicycle in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and DC areas.


Breakfast in Bed (or Out)

The point is: don’t let her cook. Find an easy recipe on Yummly and let her stay in bed while you cook (tip: make sure you have some Nutella on hand. Moms love Nutella). The kids will probably want to help, too. If you’re the type of guy who can’t even make toast, then take her out to brunch or, better yet, pick up her favorite breakfast dish from her favorite restaurant and serve it to her in bed.


Make a Card

Any guy can swing by the corner drugstore the day before and pick from a limited/terrible selection of Hallmark cards. But don’t. Make your own. It doesn’t have to look nice. The most appreciated cards we’ve ever given our wives were made in Microsoft Word and printed on computer paper because the sentiment and words came 100% from the heart.



This one depends on the woman you’re giving it to. It could easily be a cop-out move so the important thing is following through. If you give her a coupon for a day at the spa, get on the phone and book it right then and there. Coupon for a weekend of binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy? Put a date on the calendar to take the kids camping (and therefore out of her hair). Just skip any coupons for back rubs (i.e. sex). The only thing you’re guaranteed to get is an eye-roll.

Audible Subscription ($15)

If she used to be a bookworm but doesn’t get the time to read that she’d like to anymore, get her a subscription to Audible so she can listen to books on “tape” while she’s driving or shopping. Of course, hang back at home with the kids while she’s out so she can have some alone time and still accomplish things on her to-do list. If she’s into ebooks, get her a subscription to Kindle Unlimited for $10/month.



Texture Subscription ($10+)

If books aren’t her thing, maybe those celeb rags are. This digital subscription service is called “the Netflix for Magazines” for a reason. After the free trial, prices start at $9.99. Again, as with most of the stuff on this list, give her the time to appreciate it throughout the year. You may hide in the bathroom to catch up on Esquire but she won’t.


Another Subscription Service 

It may not arrive in time but you can get her a subscription for everything from spices to panties. There are subscriptions for everything these days. The internet is your friend here. Just Google something she’s into (i.e. fitness) followed by “subscription service” and you’ll find plenty of options to choose what’s right for her (our pick for this particular example is FabFitFun starting at $50/season) . Don’t forget to print out the confirmation email and tuck it in the card.


Sweets From a Local Bakery

Anybody (male or female) like a good excuse to indulge in some guilty pleasures of the unhealthy persuasion. Pick up some of her favorite pastries from the local bakery and give her the peace and quiet to enjoy them.


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