We’re back from Toy Fair NY and buddy we found him! R2D2!! Wait, is a R2D2 is a him right? Can a droid be a he or a she? It? Should we say we found…it? We live in confusing times people, the verbiage is key, so let’s just say we found the droid you are looking for.

The amazing littleBits is a tech startup from NYC that creates toys that empower kids to invent with easy to use electronic blocks. Hmm, what little droid is made up of tiny electronic blocks?  Why R2 of course. Question, was Luke Skywalker the first S.T.E.M. icon?

This littleBits kit comes with everything that you child needs to create their very own R2 unit at home. Once they are done creating the droid continues to impress as it drives around your house in three different modes. Trust us, the force mode is the BEST! Check out the video below and smash that buy link.






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