I’m so tired. Why won’t she sleep? I got what…4 hours total last night? It’s okay if I curl up under my desk for a few right?

You give up a lot of yourself when you become a parent, but perhaps the thing you will miss the most is sleep. Oh, sleep sweet sleep where did you go? Listen, we don’t know how to help you sleep more once you have kids, it never gets better, at least not for years. So, in lieu of not having any advice on how to sleep more, we can offer you some products that will help you and your partner sleep better.


Moonlight Pajamas ($70) For the relevant mom, a super nice pair of pajamas that will make her feel like a starlet from the silver screen.


Vintage Pajama Set ($95) Relevant Mom swears by these J-Crew pajamas, ultimate style and comfort.


Summer Pajama Set ($23) Running up and down the stairs fulling bottles or grabbing lost lovies is hard work. No sweat dad, these summer pajamas will keep you cool in between winks.


Casper Sheets ($120) You know Casper from like every podcast ever but they really do make a great sheet set. Pamper yourself.


Essential Oil Diffuser ($20) We got this for the holidays and were skeptical of the essential oil fad but results speak for themselves, it also is great to wake up to a pleasant smelling room, not you know diapers.


Side Sleeper Knee Pillow ($17) Add this to the must-have for all side sleepers, it saves you back and its just a joy to use.


Dohm White Noice Machine ($50) Soft enough to woosh you to sleep in keep you there but not so overbearing you won’t hear the little ones call for help after a nightmare.


Badger Balm Sleep Balm ($10) Rub, flop, zzzzz. Repeat as necessary.

Of course, when all else fails you always have coffee. Give Me All The Coffee Please


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