When you are talking about the multifunctional Impact made by Draggin Bags we certainly think so. This fully funded Kickstarter backed bag is just about the most impressive and durable bag we have ever seen. Made from 500d Cordura (that is some strong stuff) and crafted to be nearly indestructible you can rest assured that this bag will be with you for a lifetime. The surface is coated with a water and dirt repellent coating which will leave your bad looking stylish long after the “unboxing” when you receive it. We can’t help but want 20 of these for everything from our tools, our fishing tackle to our toy cars and Lego accessories. You never know when these bags might come in handy. Fill one with the essentials and get out the door dad.

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  • Fabric is the gold standard of fabric: 500d Cordura. 500d Cordura provides that perfect balance between weight, flexibility, and longevity.
  • Sasquatch-tough handles: Made out of tubular climbing webbing, the Bucket Bag handles are comfortable and have a 4,000-pound breaking strength.
  • Zipper-free: Both the Impact and the Bigfoot use 550 parachute cord, type III for draw cords. It’s perfect for survival situations and are what’s used to close your bag quickly and easily.



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