Wouldn’t it be nice if the moms in your life said something like that about the thoughtful gifts that you give them year after year? There is an art to giving the right gift, at the right time, to the right person. You have to listen and observe and most of all know what products are out there to be gifted. The folks over at Knack have quickly mastered the art of curating a set of items that will delight the mom you give it to. So, if you want to hear her say “Oh my gooooood, I loooooove this” then take the accumulated knowledge you have learned about your mommas and pair it with the ease of creating a fully customizable set from Knack and have an amazing Mother’s Day. It really should not be this simple to nail gift giving.


The Perfect Coffee Break ($48.00)

When you can’t walk 3 blocks without buzzing by another coffee shop, it’s sometimes nice to get your caffeine fix at home, before the day starts. This gift lays the–ahem–groundwork for a great cup.


Wanderlust ($183)

For those with a passion for travel, this gift set easily takes her from sightseeing to shopping to an evening strolling a favorite avenue after dinner. The airy Rita Cotton Scarf in shades of blue and gray paired with the PVC Crossbody Bag creates a beautiful fashion statement. We’ve also included a couple of pamper items – Bohéme Amber, Vanilla and Musk Hand Cream and Herbivore Lip Conditioner. Send her off in style.


TLC Gift Set ($62.00)

The porcelain mug is cleverly designed with a faceted surface on either side of the handle, perfect for those who like to embrace their cuppa. We’ve included one of our best selling sweet treats, Cici’s Handmade Lemon Cookies, and a delicious flavor sachet of dried fruits and edible plant leaves that can be steeped to create a relaxing, nutritious drink.


Better Than Therapy ($110.50):

Rough day? Better talk to some wine about it. This is the gift set you turn to when you (or a girlfriend) have had “one of those weeks”–the kind that calls for dimming the lights, turning the tap to HOT, lighting a candle, and dipping into your stash of Chardonnay In A Can to enjoy in the bathtub. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, unlike bathtub gin, bathtub wine is really quite delicious and not at all scandalous (well, not very). Plus, it’s quite an intelligent choice when you consider how much safer you’ll feel without the risk of a slippery wineglass, right? Follow it up with a no-stress coloring session paired with an assortment of eight culinary inspired chocolates.


Chardonnay Staycation ($102.50)

This collection is designed to help you unwind and find your happy place where, conveniently enough, there’s a bottle of fine Oregon Chardonnay ready and waiting.


Be Fierce Book Lovers Set ($81)

In Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back Gretchen Carlson shares advice and stories about tangible actions women can take to navigate challenging situations at school, in the workplace, and in their everyday lives. It’s an illuminating and timely investigation of the issues that women around the world face in their personal and professional lives. We’ve paired this copy of Be Fierce with two other products created by and for fierce women: two espresso candy bars created by boxing coach Margaret Savas, and a set of four cotton cocktail coasters from The Oula Company founder and chief curator Erika Dalya Massaquoi.


The Sweet List ($92)

Cultivate her love of flowers and plants with a special gift that hits all the right botanical notes. We’ve included a lovely Rifle journal with floral linen covers, a himmeli orb and air plant for easy care greenery to brighten any desk space or shelf, two chocolate bars with floral wrapping from Theo Chocolate and a deck of garden cards that both educate and entertain.


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