Sometimes you just need to cruise your John Deere tractor over your dad’s foot or repeatedly run into your mom with it while she is sitting on the couch trying to watch, Watch What Happens Live. Of course, we are are talking about the John Deere Monster Treads tractor and gator playset. Yeah, it’s true that gator that you have been wanting for a while is not super affordable…it’s just 6” long and well, a toy. No matter if your kids are princess primpers of wild superhero watchers these toys from John Deere are a load of fun. Tomy sent us over a set to play with and the kids loved them.  The massive wheels with super grip treads are perfect for off-roading in your backyard or across the great fields of your couch. Add this set to your toybox so those Avengers or Barbies have a sweet ride when your little one’s imagination is firing at full speed. Oh, the stories they can tell.

Each vehicle features:

  • 3 function lights and sound action with LED lights
  • All-terrain steering
  • Super bouncy tires
  • Available at Walmart

John Deere Monster Treads 6_ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set



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