As a parent, you are always looking for a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for everyone involved. You have the bath books and a rotating array or rubber ducks that you have to toss when you start squeezing out mold and mildew. Tomy toys have created the ultimate line of toys that will propel your bathtime into fun family play time with Toomies. Tomy sent over some Toomies for us to try as a family and we can not get enough of them.  These toys are so fun that we found our 4yo in the tub playing with them when it was dry. Here are some Toomies we love:

IMG_0278 IMG_0282IMG_0279

Tomy Toomies Foam Cone Factory Toy – $25

The foam cone factory is by far the favorite. You simply add a half cap full of your normal bubble bath and some water into the tank and then pull the lever as you make the most delish soapy soft serve cone you have ever seen. The imagination you kid uses as they sprinkle on jimmies/sprinkles with the included shaker is hilarious to watch. Hand up, dad made a cone in the shower the next morning and found it just as amusing as the toddler did.

IMG_0247 IMG_0240

Tomy Toomies Bubble Blast Train – $20

The Bubble blast train is similar to the foam cone factory but instead of spitting out “ice cream” as the train choo’s down the track giant bubbles emit from the smoke stack. All aboard for a super fun bathtime with this toy.


Tomy Toomies Rocket Blast Fountain – $15

The rocket blast fountain is equally fun and useful, your child will learn cause and effect and you will be able to rise that soapy hair with relative ease as they giggle at the water train raining down on them as the rocket blasts off in your tub.



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