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The millennial generation of fathers is different from the generation of fathers who raised us. Dads today want to be more involved in raising their children, making more purchasing decisions for the household and more actively engaged in domestic responsibilities. Above all, the modern father wants to have experiences and products that will enable a closer connection with their children and spouse.

Relevant Dad was created by three young fathers who were tired of scouring the internet trying to find things to do and stuff to buy for our families. Why couldn’t it all be in one spot? We have created a space born out of our collective interest, experience and expertise in toys, games, music, technology, design, and cooking so that you’ll always be able to find the latest and greatest without having to search for it. Think of us as the one stop shop for dads on the go that want to be in the know.

But now that we’ve got that formal mission statement out of the way, you’re probably asking yourself some of the following questions:

 Your writing isn’t very editorial. What’s up with that?

We try to keep things conversational and brief. We know dads don’t have a lot of time and we find it more fun when something is written the way we talk in real life.

 You make bad jokes in real life?

Yes, just ask our wives.

Tell me more about these three fathers behind Relevant Dad. They sound pretty great…


David Blanchard

Relevant Dad

David is the father of two girls (ages one and four), married to his college sweetheart and Vice President of Business Development for a game company. Having worked in the toy and game industry for nearly 10 years he has a first row seat to a lot of the products that make their way into your children’s hands each year.

Kevin Cox

Relevant Dad

Kevin was a relevant dad-in-waiting, until April, when his wife Jackie gave birth to twin boys Olney & Marty. He, nor his twin dogs Coco & Pepper, could be more excited about adding another twosome to the mix. Since college, Kevin has traveled to both coasts opening self-proclaimed “trendy” restaurants and brings a breadth of knowledge to relevant dad from the food and beverage world. His kids will eat like kings, and so will yours.

Brian Gravel

Relevant Dad

Brian is a new dad and the Director of Media Production at GraVoc Associates. He and his wife Bridget reside just north of Boston and now sleep very little.  Brian’s background in technology and web development help the idea guys (Kevin & David) bring you cool stuff. Occasionally Brian has a good idea for site content but he’s usually too busy being relevant to write anything.

Shawn Grindle

Relevant Dad

Shawn is a new dad to an amazing little girl and he works full time in the television industry. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and best friend Josslyn where they have their hands full with two dogs, a cat and a crawling seven month old. He enjoys interacting online with other moms and dads and hopes to supply interesting topics to chat about and amazing products to showcase.

How do you find stuff to put on the site?

Most of the stuff we post about is stuff that we actually have and use or things we do with our families. However, given our professional connections, we’re also able to find a lot more than the average dad might.

I found something you guys should totally put on the site. Where do I send it?

We love getting submissions from our users. Please send us tips at ([email protected]).

Do the brands you feature ever pay you?

Sometimes. But we will always tell you if we’re posting a product, service or destination that we’re connected to financially or professionally.

I’m a brand and I want to give you money.

We’ll take it. Contact ([email protected]) for more information about promotional and advertising opportunities.

I’m a relevant dad and I want to write for your site.

Let’s talk. Contact (hell[email protected]) and tell us a little about yourself.

Having a section called “For the Wife” is not cool. What about same-sex relationships?

It is not our intention to offend anyone with the decision to have a dedicated section for the “wife.” It’s simply that most guys we know could use a lot of help in this department since they’re all virtually inept when it comes to shopping for their wives.

How often do you post new content?

At least once a day.

Is there an easier way for me to keep up with the site?

We have an RSS feed, a weekly newsletter and we’re also on Facebook and Twitter.