Amazon Originals Kids Pilots

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When it comes to watching TV, our kids have a hell of a lot of options compared to when we were growing up. But with all the shows to choose from we find it funny when our kids ask to watch the same programs over and over again. I mean, I like Curious George as much as the next relevant dad, but variety is the spice of life, kid. Let’s shake it up a little. As you know, Amazon Prime Instant Video has knocked it out of the park with their original kids shows including the multi-Emmy winning Tumble Leaf (which we’ve raved about) and one of my household’s favorites, Creative Galaxy. Well, Amazon has just released another six pilots for kids shows, all available to stream now and vote which ones you think deserve to get greenlit for full seasons. Four of the six are animated while the other two are live action. Opposed to their existing kids shows which tended to lean preschool-oriented, five of the six new shows are geared more towards the ages 6-11 demographic. So if you’re forced indoors over the next couple of weeks and feel like the kids have earned their screen time, check them out for yourself here. (Lost in Oz FTW)