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Culture Checklist: September 23, 2016

Culture Checklist: September 23, 2016

It’s another solid music week with new releases from Devendra BanhartHow to Dress WellWarpaint, & LVL UP out today but our hands-down fav is the new album from Rostam of Vampire Weekend and Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen. In TV, Transparent returns with season 3 today but our recommendation is for the highly acclaimed new show on FX from Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka that guy from Community. It’s 4 episodes deep already and currently the “it” show of the moment. Want to read something this weekend? How about a piece asking “How Much Do Parents Matter?” Yes, please. Instead of giving you a suggestion for something to cook this weekend, we think you should spend $5 on an individually packaged single chip that’s so spicy the company is betting you can only eat one. What a time to be alive. You’ll need a good beer to wash it down, too. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam: I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

on Spotify.

Watch this: Atlanta

on FX (airs Tuesdays at 10pm).

Read this: How Much Do Parents Matter?

via The Atlantic.

Eat this: Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness Chip

from Paqui.

Drink this: Hop Hop and Away (4.6% ABV)

by Aeronaut Brewing.

Culture Checklist: September 16, 2016

Culture Checklist: September 16, 2016

You probably think of The Beatles as a studio band, right? This new doc by Ron Howard will have you thinking otherwise. A new op-ed asks a question you’ve probably wrestled with yourself as you come to terms with being an adult. There’s also some new country rock that will set the mood for fall. Fall. Sigh. Where did summer go? Speaking of summer, did you miss out on the biggest food trend of the summer? Catch up this weekend with the easiest Poke Bowl recipe we could find. And since the weather is starting to feel a little more like fall, here’s a hard cider brand you should know. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Dawes – We’re All Gonna Die

on Spotify.

Watch this: The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years

premieres on Hulu 9/17.

Read this: Can You Have a Good Life if You Don’t Have a Good Job?

via The New York Times.

Eat this: Tuna Poke Bowl


Drink this:  Rojo (5.4% ABV) / Wunderkind (6% ABV) / The Americain (5.2% ABV)

by Bantam Modern American Cider.

Culture Checklist: September 9, 2016

Culture Checklist: September 9, 2016

After a light summer of good music options we got a lot to choose from this week. Notable releases include M.I.A’s latest LP (at the very least check out “Freedun” – our jam right now), the long-awaited return of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, a collection of acoustic recordings from Jack White, the major label debut from The Head and the Heart, and new releases from indie rock stalwarts Local Natives & Okkervil River. But if you only have time to check out one new album this weekend, make it the one listed below (that album art tho). Tig Notaro’s new dark comedy series launched on Amazon Prime today and it’s definitely something you’ll want to add to the queue since you’ll obviously be watching football all weekend. Speaking of football, skip the traditional nachos and try out this new recipe to start the season off on the right culinary foot. And beer? Yes, beer. We’re still in denial that summer has unofficially ended so we’re still drinking gose – and you should be too. Lastly, we all want our children to excel in life so read this article about a 45-year study of smarty-pants kids and try to pick up a couple pointers along the way. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Wilco – Schmilco

on Spotify.

Watch this: One Mississippi Season 1

on Amazon Video.

Read this: How to Raise a Genius: Lessons from a 45-Year Study of Supersmart Children

via Scientific American.

Eat this: Quinoa Enchilada Casserole

via Damn Delicious.

Drink this: Gose Gone Wild (4.3% ABV)

by Stillwater Artisanal.

Culture Checklist: September 2, 2016

Culture Checklist: September 2, 2016

Our favorite rap duo is back with a new track for Gears of War 4, four more episodes of exquisite food porn are here (all featuring the best French chefs), a recap of the election according to children, some bomb street food even you can make at home, and beer that will, ahem, take your breath away. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Run the Jewels – “Panther Like a Panther (I’m The Sh*t)”

via Pitchfork.

Watch this: Chef’s Table: France

premieres today on Netflix (so does Season 2 of Narcos BTW).

Read this: The 2016 Presidential Election, According to 8-Year-Olds

via New York Magazine.

Eat this: Korean Rice Cakes with Red Chile Sauce

via NYTimes Cooking.

Drink this: Maverick & Gose (4.4% ABV)

by Second Self Beer Company.

Culture Checklist: August 26, 2016

Culture Checklist: August 26, 2016

Wu-Tang Clan & Interpol both earned a soft spot in our hearts during our musical coming of age so we’re pretty stoked to check out the long-awaited collaboration between the RZA and Paul Banks that dropped today (you don’t really need to hear the much-hyped return of Britney Spears anyways). Speaking of long-awaited, the limited series finale of the most hyped and talked about show of the summer wraps up on Sunday so don’t miss it. Also, make sure you carve out some time this weekend to read about a restaurant in upstate New York that is booked for reservations until 2025 (and we’re guessing after the popularity of this piece, it’s now even later than that). Reading about such gastronomic extravegence will probably inspire you to try your hand at something new in the kitchen so we found an easy recipe sure to hit all the pleasure centers of your belly. And we know it’s not quite dark beer drinking weather yet but The Beer Connoisseur just rated this one a 96 and we’re already salivating for it. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Banks & Steelz – Anything But Words

via Spotify.

Watch this: The Night Of

Finale airs Sunday 8/28 at 9:00 EST on HBO.

Read this: The Most Exclusive Restaurant in America

via The New Yorker.

Eat this: Kimchi Omelet With Sriracha Syrup

via NY Times Cooking.

Drink this: Vanilla Bean Stout (10.8% ABV)

by Avery Brewing Company.

Oh, you thought we forgot? We figure everyone in America already knew this but maybe you’re a new dad and have your hands full with other things – that’s really your only excuse. So ICYMI, Frank Ocean dropped another instant classic last week and if you should probably check it out before it’s old news.

Culture Checklist: August 19, 2016

Culture Checklist: August 19, 2016

When the editor-in-chief says you have to listen to an album you oblige, of course. Boy are we glad we did this week, Michael Kiwanuka’s new album Love & Hate sounds like it’s from decades ago and given much of it’s message that is not necessarily a good thing. Never the less you need to give it a spin this weekend. Amazon also pushed out a few more of those awesome Pilots you can vote on. Take an hour and check out Jean-Claude Van Johnson and let us know what you think!  If you enjoy dark secrets, who doesn’t, check out the tale of an island off the coast of Maine while you swing in your hammock this weekend. In NYC August is street fair season and you can’t escape the smell and allure of street corn. If you can’t make it to NYC worry not you can make it at home too. Has 2016’s election season made you need a beer? Yeah, us too. No matter what side you relate to Half Moon’s Alection IPA has your brew. You’ve gotta…

Hear This:  Michael Kiwanuka ‎– Love & Hate

via Spotify

Watch this: The New Amazon Pilots,  including “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”

on Amazon Prime Video

Read this: The Dark Secrets of This Now-Empty Island in Maine

via Atlas Obscura

Eat this: Mexican Street Corn

via Serious Eats

Drink this: Alection IPA’s 

From Half Moon Brewing


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