Get The Knack Of Father’s Day

Get The Knack Of Father’s Day

Go Climb A Mountain ($188)

Whether heading out for a day hike or scaling a favorite peak, this gift provides a trio of essentials. Matador’s sturdy yet lightweight backpack protects electronics and other contents from the elements. The pocket blanket provides quick ground cover for a nibble (or a nap) and folds back into its diminutive 5″ x 3″ pouch for easy transport. The Leatherman Multi-Tool includes a knife, two pliers, four screwdrivers and the indispensable corkscrew.


Outside the Lines ($82)

A gift set for the right-brained, the curious, the out-of-the-box thinkers, this Grids & Guides Notebook is a fun gift for creative people of all ages. The notebook provides hours of amusement alongside one’s note-taking, as it includes 144 pages of grid paper in 8 different designs, interspersed with a marvelous collection of charts and infographics from the arts and sciences. The Grids & Guides Pencil Set and Blackwing Sharpener are savvy complements. And because we know that whether they use these tools at work or school, they’re bound to get thirsty, we’ve included our favorite beverage tumbler from MiiR. It holds up to 16 oz and will easily see them through a busy morning.


The Caffeinator ($169)

What’s handsome, powerful, and has more energy than you? The Caffeinator can do it all; this gift set includes a bag of Caffe Umbria’s signature Bizzarri coffee, a versatile medium dark roast blend, and a trio of sleek products for the coffee connoisseur. Fellow’s coffee products are gorgeous and easy to use, turning every sip into a truly special experience. The Stagg Double-Wall Carafe and new XF Pour-Over Dripper are the perfect size for 1-2 cups of your favorite blend, while the two coffee tasting glasses add a touch of modern to the morning.


Carnivore’s Delight ($68)

A favorite of grill masters everywhere, this gift brings the heat with the Rub With Love Steak Rub by Chef Tom Douglas, Mustard and Co’s Chipotle Mustard, and The Pike Place Brewing Company’s Kilt Lifter BBQ Sauce. Wildwood Grilling Cedar Grilling Planks kick your grilling game up a notch and experts recommend soaking planks in beer or wine for extra flavor. Finally, throw in a cheeky “I Like Big Butts” kitchen towel from Missy Madewell, and you’ll have first pick of all the tastiest, sauciest, crispiest bits hot off the grill–we guarantee it.


Veni Vidi Vino ($70)

We can’t all be Master Sommeliers, but let us be frank: that course of study is long and arduous, and we’d much rather enjoy our favorite wines on our own time (nevertheless keeping copious notes about that magical Syrah so it’s not forgotten after an indulgent evening). This gift set was made with the oenophile in mind–someone who can get a bit geeky about terroir and tasting notes and wields a corkscrew with great aplomb. The collection features a Moleskine Passions Wine Journal, a multi-duty hinged Corkscrew and an Aerating Pour Spout designed to help the flavor of any vintage flourish and breathe as you pour.


We the People ($98)

If your conversation includes dignified, civil discourse over a glass of whiskey, you might have this gift set to thank for it. This set not only makes a great gift for lawyers, law students, and history buffs, but anyone who appreciates great craftsmanship and creative decor will enjoy these rocks glasses etched with the Preamble to the Constitution, and set of 4 geometric slate coasters.

If you dad doesn’t fit any of these profiles or you want to add to any of these amazing sets just visit the fine folks are knackshops.com and they will set you up.

Because You Forgot: Here are 101 Costume Ideas for the Whole Family and 9 to Avoid

Because You Forgot: Here are 101 Costume Ideas for the Whole Family and 9 to Avoid

Admit it. You starting giving some thought to this topic a while ago but then life happened and now Halloween is just a week away and you’re still you’re looking for costume ideas for the whole family. Worry not, relevant dads. We’re here to help you out with a bunch you can make at the last minute and some you can buy and get in time with expedited shipping. Let’s get started.

You’d be surprised how much you can make with stuff around the house. Here are 5 easy last minute costumes from The Toy Insider.


In fact, homemade costumes are a guaranteed win so here are 9 more great and creative last minute DIY ideas from Cool Mom Picks.


For those looking to eschew the “pink princess” girls-costume stereotype, Any Smart Girls has 4 clever ideas for you.


Is that kid dressed like Hunter S. Thompson, you ask? He is, and Flavorwire has another 24 great kids costumes for literary snobs to gush over.


But seriously, you can’t go wrong with costumes for kids based on books so here are 12 more from the Harper Collins Tumblr.


Maybe you don’t want to go all-out for Halloween but still want to give your kids a taste of the holiday spirit? My Baba has 10 pieces to consider.



Oh, and Dog-Milk doesn’t want you to forget about the other kids, either.


Now that the kids are done, what should you wear? Check out these geometric masks High Snobiety found on Etsy.


What about your wife? Here are the (real) sexiest Halloween costumes for moms from Toulouse and Tonic.


But under no circumstances should you or your wife wear any of these 9 Vox found.


One last pro tip: Before you decide on a costume for anyone in your family, be sure to check Frightgeist to see how popular it is. It’s the only way to know how truly unique your idea is.

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