Because You Forgot: Here are 101 Costume Ideas for the Whole Family and 9 to Avoid

Because You Forgot: Here are 101 Costume Ideas for the Whole Family and 9 to Avoid

Admit it. You starting giving some thought to this topic a while ago but then life happened and now Halloween is just a week away and you’re still you’re looking for costume ideas for the whole family. Worry not, relevant dads. We’re here to help you out with a bunch you can make at the last minute and some you can buy and get in time with expedited shipping. Let’s get started.

You’d be surprised how much you can make with stuff around the house. Here are 5 easy last minute costumes from The Toy Insider.


In fact, homemade costumes are a guaranteed win so here are 9 more great and creative last minute DIY ideas from Cool Mom Picks.


For those looking to eschew the “pink princess” girls-costume stereotype, Any Smart Girls has 4 clever ideas for you.


Is that kid dressed like Hunter S. Thompson, you ask? He is, and Flavorwire has another 24 great kids costumes for literary snobs to gush over.


But seriously, you can’t go wrong with costumes for kids based on books so here are 12 more from the Harper Collins Tumblr.


Maybe you don’t want to go all-out for Halloween but still want to give your kids a taste of the holiday spirit? My Baba has 10 pieces to consider.



Oh, and Dog-Milk doesn’t want you to forget about the other kids, either.


Now that the kids are done, what should you wear? Check out these geometric masks High Snobiety found on Etsy.


What about your wife? Here are the (real) sexiest Halloween costumes for moms from Toulouse and Tonic.


But under no circumstances should you or your wife wear any of these 9 Vox found.


One last pro tip: Before you decide on a costume for anyone in your family, be sure to check Frightgeist to see how popular it is. It’s the only way to know how truly unique your idea is.

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