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PBS KIDS Build It Kit by YOXO

PBS KIDS Build It Kit by YOXO

When I became a dad I started saving all the spent paper town and toilet paper rolls in a closet at the end of the hall. I figured that was what good parents did right? Kept those things in case you needed an emergency art project started on a snow day? There they all still sit as my oldest just wants to watch Vamparina on my tablet. This year it is time to take back the paper towel roll surplus and make something amazing. The folks from YOKO (“yock-so”) have teamed up with our parenting pals at PBS Kids and made an opened ended creative building set that integrates into most of the items you have overflowing in your recycling bin. Check out the new PBS KIDS Build It Kit via the link below and get busy building something cool.


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Healthy Kids Love Nurture Life

Healthy Kids Love Nurture Life

If you are a Millenial you surely have tried or at least know about the wave of meal box services that have taken over most podcast and Facebook advertising spots in recent years. Have you tried one? They can be great especially for weeknights when you get home late from work or a recital and you don’t want to think about cooking from scratch. But the big problem is there is no way that your three-year-old is going to eat Spicy Polano & Enoki Mushroom Tortas. You know what they might eat though? How about Orange Chicken with Fried Rice or Peas & Cheese Tortellini! Simply put, kid food jazzed up a bit.

Nurture Life 4

Nurture Life is a meal box service that is for your kids and your busy life. You simply enter your child’s age and their dietary restrictions and their team will curate a weekly menu plan for you. Then every week it shows up on your doorstep like some magical food fairy has blessed your house and cured your picky eaters once and for all.

The meals come cold ready to re-heat and in perfect healthy sized portions for your growing kids. You don’t have to worry about reading the sides of mac and cheese boxes to see if there is anything icky inside anymore. The Nurture Life “team of chefs and pediatric dietitian create meals that are designed and portioned to meet each child’s nutritional requirements. We prepare, cook and package all of our meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen, eliminating cross-contamination with the most common allergens.” 

Nurture Life 2

What we love the most about Nurture Life’s meals for our toddlers is that we don’t have to worry about them getting all of the nutrients from their meals what we pretend to give them normally. Yeah, you don’t have to pretend that those french fries you threw in the microwave are a suitable veggie. These meals are simply perfect for any family.


Tomy Toomies Are Bathtime Fun

Tomy Toomies Are Bathtime Fun

As a parent, you are always looking for a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for everyone involved. You have the bath books and a rotating array or rubber ducks that you have to toss when you start squeezing out mold and mildew. Tomy toys have created the ultimate line of toys that will propel your bathtime into fun family play time with Toomies. Tomy sent over some Toomies for us to try as a family and we can not get enough of them.  These toys are so fun that we found our 4yo in the tub playing with them when it was dry. Here are some Toomies we love:

IMG_0278 IMG_0282IMG_0279

Tomy Toomies Foam Cone Factory Toy – $25

The foam cone factory is by far the favorite. You simply add a half cap full of your normal bubble bath and some water into the tank and then pull the lever as you make the most delish soapy soft serve cone you have ever seen. The imagination you kid uses as they sprinkle on jimmies/sprinkles with the included shaker is hilarious to watch. Hand up, dad made a cone in the shower the next morning and found it just as amusing as the toddler did.

IMG_0247 IMG_0240

Tomy Toomies Bubble Blast Train – $20

The Bubble blast train is similar to the foam cone factory but instead of spitting out “ice cream” as the train choo’s down the track giant bubbles emit from the smoke stack. All aboard for a super fun bathtime with this toy.


Tomy Toomies Rocket Blast Fountain – $15

The rocket blast fountain is equally fun and useful, your child will learn cause and effect and you will be able to rise that soapy hair with relative ease as they giggle at the water train raining down on them as the rocket blasts off in your tub.


John Deere Monster Treads 6″ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set

John Deere Monster Treads 6″ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set

Sometimes you just need to cruise your John Deere tractor over your dad’s foot or repeatedly run into your mom with it while she is sitting on the couch trying to watch, Watch What Happens Live. Of course, we are are talking about the John Deere Monster Treads tractor and gator playset. Yeah, it’s true that gator that you have been wanting for a while is not super affordable…it’s just 6” long and well, a toy. No matter if your kids are princess primpers of wild superhero watchers these toys from John Deere are a load of fun. Tomy sent us over a set to play with and the kids loved them.  The massive wheels with super grip treads are perfect for off-roading in your backyard or across the great fields of your couch. Add this set to your toybox so those Avengers or Barbies have a sweet ride when your little one’s imagination is firing at full speed. Oh, the stories they can tell.

Each vehicle features:

  • 3 function lights and sound action with LED lights
  • All-terrain steering
  • Super bouncy tires
  • Available at Walmart

John Deere Monster Treads 6_ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set


Sweet Valley Organics

Sweet Valley Organics

The fine folks over at Sweet Valley Organics sent us some of their amazing Organic Dark Chocolate Snack Bites and we can’t put them down. It’s a problem. They are so good guys. We often are looking for a sweet snack after dinner, sure some might call it desert but that word screams ice cream or brownies and those words scream another 45 on the elliptical and who wants that right? That is where these snack bites come in handy. We have been satisfying our dessert craving with these nuts & fruits that are USDA organic, fair trade certified, non-GMO and made with no preservatives. Oh, did we mention that they are all covered in dark chocolate?  “Chocolate, it doesn’t just make things tastier, it makes things better-er.”  What makes these snacks amazing is that everyone in the family has been enjoying them. Check out the 3yo taste testing the varieties with me.





Why Wouldn’t You Use

Why Wouldn’t You Use

We’ll be honest we had never shopped on before we were gifted a credit from them earlier this spring. Boy, have we been missing out. This site is amazing for everyone but especially parents. We have all been there, you know sliding hanger after hanger at the local consignment shop just trying to find something in 4T that is actually worth buying. How often do you leave empty-handed? If you are like us, you get skunked nearly every time. is the site for you parents. It was so easy to find some fun new “used” clothing for the whole family. Yeah, I got some sweatpants and buddy I have hardly taken them off. “Have you washed those yet?” asked my wife last night. Anyways, has the type of granular shopping filters that one can only dream of. Do you want something in 6-9mo, gently used, girls, from a group of hand-selected brands like Baby Gap, Hanna Anderson, and  OshKosh? You can get that specific. They even have an extensive collection of never worn clothing. We all have those kids clothes that people have given us, you know, the 2T sundress when your girl would be in 2T in December.



Check out all the amazing brands and clothing that your whole family can shop. Where else can you get a toddler dress from Tea, a LulaRoe dress for your wife and a J.Crew Button-down shirt for under $100? Nowhere. Just click on over to Swap and take a look and see what you can find for your growing family today. Save money and shop like a boss.

Use these discount codes EARTHDAY40 and EARTHDAY20. (Good until 6/30/18)


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