Tomy Toomies Are Bathtime Fun

Tomy Toomies Are Bathtime Fun

As a parent, you are always looking for a way to make bathtime more enjoyable for everyone involved. You have the bath books and a rotating array or rubber ducks that you have to toss when you start squeezing out mold and mildew. Tomy toys have created the ultimate line of toys that will propel your bathtime into fun family play time with Toomies. Tomy sent over some Toomies for us to try as a family and we can not get enough of them.  These toys are so fun that we found our 4yo in the tub playing with them when it was dry. Here are some Toomies we love:

IMG_0278 IMG_0282IMG_0279

Tomy Toomies Foam Cone Factory Toy – $25

The foam cone factory is by far the favorite. You simply add a half cap full of your normal bubble bath and some water into the tank and then pull the lever as you make the most delish soapy soft serve cone you have ever seen. The imagination you kid uses as they sprinkle on jimmies/sprinkles with the included shaker is hilarious to watch. Hand up, dad made a cone in the shower the next morning and found it just as amusing as the toddler did.

IMG_0247 IMG_0240

Tomy Toomies Bubble Blast Train – $20

The Bubble blast train is similar to the foam cone factory but instead of spitting out “ice cream” as the train choo’s down the track giant bubbles emit from the smoke stack. All aboard for a super fun bathtime with this toy.


Tomy Toomies Rocket Blast Fountain – $15

The rocket blast fountain is equally fun and useful, your child will learn cause and effect and you will be able to rise that soapy hair with relative ease as they giggle at the water train raining down on them as the rocket blasts off in your tub.


John Deere Monster Treads 6″ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set

John Deere Monster Treads 6″ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set

Sometimes you just need to cruise your John Deere tractor over your dad’s foot or repeatedly run into your mom with it while she is sitting on the couch trying to watch, Watch What Happens Live. Of course, we are are talking about the John Deere Monster Treads tractor and gator playset. Yeah, it’s true that gator that you have been wanting for a while is not super affordable…it’s just 6” long and well, a toy. No matter if your kids are princess primpers of wild superhero watchers these toys from John Deere are a load of fun. Tomy sent us over a set to play with and the kids loved them.  The massive wheels with super grip treads are perfect for off-roading in your backyard or across the great fields of your couch. Add this set to your toybox so those Avengers or Barbies have a sweet ride when your little one’s imagination is firing at full speed. Oh, the stories they can tell.

Each vehicle features:

  • 3 function lights and sound action with LED lights
  • All-terrain steering
  • Super bouncy tires
  • Available at Walmart

John Deere Monster Treads 6_ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set


Get Outdoors with Nature Cat Plush Toys

Get Outdoors with Nature Cat Plush Toys

If you have a kid under the age of 9 in your home chances are they know all about Nature Cat, the cartoon about the lovable housecat Fred who lives for his backyard adventures but has no skill at being an outdoor cat. One of our favorite brands TOMY has created a cute line of 8″ plush characters based on this popular PBS cartoon and they are adorable. They send us a couple and my girls fell in love with them immediately. “Nae-twer Cat!” These stuffies are the perfect size for your kids to take on adventures in the backyard and are ultra-realistic. They are so close to the actual cartoon it’s like they jumped from the screen into your house. It’s fun to act out scenes from past Nature Cat episodes or make up your own adventures with your family. Check them out and click the buy button below.




Sweet Valley Organics

Sweet Valley Organics

The fine folks over at Sweet Valley Organics sent us some of their amazing Organic Dark Chocolate Snack Bites and we can’t put them down. It’s a problem. They are so good guys. We often are looking for a sweet snack after dinner, sure some might call it desert but that word screams ice cream or brownies and those words scream another 45 on the elliptical and who wants that right? That is where these snack bites come in handy. We have been satisfying our dessert craving with these nuts & fruits that are USDA organic, fair trade certified, non-GMO and made with no preservatives. Oh, did we mention that they are all covered in dark chocolate?  “Chocolate, it doesn’t just make things tastier, it makes things better-er.”  What makes these snacks amazing is that everyone in the family has been enjoying them. Check out the 3yo taste testing the varieties with me.





Outdoor Toys For Kids

Outdoor Toys For Kids

When you have cut the grass a few times, the flowers have all bloomed and your beer fridge in the garage is beginning to be stocked with light beer you know that it’s almost summer. We have talked in the past about making the most of your yard and this summer should be no different. Here are a few of our new favorite outdoor toys for kids (and adults) this summer.


Wonder Wave ($199)

Wave goodbye to humdrum days! Fun for one (with room for friends), the amazing WonderWave is a creative cascade of color that brightens kids’ days in limitless ways.



Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On ($270)

Bring the excitement of the amusement park to own backyard. Little ones can push the coaster car up the non-slip step ramp to the platform peak all by themselves to help enhance their gross motor skills


Fun outside inflatable water bouncer includes climbing wall, two slides, and splash pool


Rollors Backyard Game for Kids, Groups of All Ages & Families ($50) 

Rollors is a super cool new game which combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling. The large wooden pieces included in our backyard game set are easy to grab, making this yard game a great choice for kids of all ages.

“He has such a Knack for gift giving!”

“He has such a Knack for gift giving!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the moms in your life said something like that about the thoughtful gifts that you give them year after year? There is an art to giving the right gift, at the right time, to the right person. You have to listen and observe and most of all know what products are out there to be gifted. The folks over at Knack have quickly mastered the art of curating a set of items that will delight the mom you give it to. So, if you want to hear her say “Oh my gooooood, I loooooove this” then take the accumulated knowledge you have learned about your mommas and pair it with the ease of creating a fully customizable set from Knack and have an amazing Mother’s Day. It really should not be this simple to nail gift giving.


The Perfect Coffee Break ($48.00)

When you can’t walk 3 blocks without buzzing by another coffee shop, it’s sometimes nice to get your caffeine fix at home, before the day starts. This gift lays the–ahem–groundwork for a great cup.


Wanderlust ($183)

For those with a passion for travel, this gift set easily takes her from sightseeing to shopping to an evening strolling a favorite avenue after dinner. The airy Rita Cotton Scarf in shades of blue and gray paired with the PVC Crossbody Bag creates a beautiful fashion statement. We’ve also included a couple of pamper items – Bohéme Amber, Vanilla and Musk Hand Cream and Herbivore Lip Conditioner. Send her off in style.


TLC Gift Set ($62.00)

The porcelain mug is cleverly designed with a faceted surface on either side of the handle, perfect for those who like to embrace their cuppa. We’ve included one of our best selling sweet treats, Cici’s Handmade Lemon Cookies, and a delicious flavor sachet of dried fruits and edible plant leaves that can be steeped to create a relaxing, nutritious drink.


Better Than Therapy ($110.50):

Rough day? Better talk to some wine about it. This is the gift set you turn to when you (or a girlfriend) have had “one of those weeks”–the kind that calls for dimming the lights, turning the tap to HOT, lighting a candle, and dipping into your stash of Chardonnay In A Can to enjoy in the bathtub. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, unlike bathtub gin, bathtub wine is really quite delicious and not at all scandalous (well, not very). Plus, it’s quite an intelligent choice when you consider how much safer you’ll feel without the risk of a slippery wineglass, right? Follow it up with a no-stress coloring session paired with an assortment of eight culinary inspired chocolates.


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