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Celebrate The Dog Days Of Summer

Celebrate The Dog Days Of Summer

If your family is one of the 70-80 million families in America that own a dog or two surely you have had the pleasure of seeing good old Baxter waddle up to the kiddie pool on a hot summer afternoon and rest his belly in the cool water. Summer is for the dogs. Snoozing in the shade of the tree, jumping off the dock into the lake, licking the melting ice cream off the sidewalk, riding through town with their head out the window, resting their jowls on the A/C or airing out their belly for all the world to see their, ahem’s, is there anything better than being a dog in the summer? So why not treat them with something fun from our Dog Days Of Summer Gift Guide? Whose a good boy/girl Wu are, aren’t choo?

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Petkin Doggy Sunwipes($6) Because Fifi is not immune to UV either.


AutumFall Dog Sunglasses($6) Snoopy isn’t the only dog who can rock the sunglasses is he? Make your little buddy the coolest pooch on the block.


Viment Dog Pool($36) There is no need for Pookie to be fighting for pool time with little Timmy and Tanya. Get her her own pool and everyone can enjoy the afternoon splash fest in harmony.


Chill Out Bandana($10) So cool on hot summer days you just might put it around your neck too. (more…)

Light Up Your Dog At Night

Light Up Your Dog At Night

It’s hashtag National Pet Day once again which is funny because we thought every day that you stand in the back yard in your sweatpants, cup of coffee in hand watching the dew evaporate into the morning Sun and waiting for your dog to poop so you can pick it up in a way to flimsy plastic bag is National Pet Day. Maybe we’re wrong. Anyways, the love that we have for our pets here in America is unparalleled so it’s no surprise that we want to keep them safe at night. This Illumiseen LED dog collar can be charged whenever your iPhone isn’t plugged into your USB port and it will keep your stand out in the nighttime. Plus if you throw the tennis ball into your neighbors yard it will freak them out seeing a yellow light bouncing back and forth across the lawn. You can also grab a LED leash for some added nighttime walk safety. Get your kids some of those light up shoes and you can have your own electric light parade down your block.

Looking for other ideas for your “fur kids”? Try here.


20 Gifts for Your “Other Kids”

20 Gifts for Your “Other Kids”

Admit it. This is where your “guilt” money gets spent. Those pets were once considered your children until the real ones came along. Now you inexplicably carry guilt that you don’t give your pet the attention you used to. We’re not saying buying your pet something will make you feel better but, hey, they’ll look good.


Cat Cave ($50)


Jumbl Oversized Cathouse & Cat Scratcher Station ($90)


Circo Dog Basket ($189)


Cloud 7 Sleeping Bag ($160)


Contech Tick Twister Pro ($3)


DogVacay Dog Boarding (Varies)


Self-Warming Crate Pad ($8)


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness ($45)


Muddy Puppy Dog Soap ($8)


Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece ($20+)


Billy Wolf Poop Bag Holder ($25)


Sauder Inside Pet House ($170)


The Odin ($23)


Woozy Cat Hammock ($78)


Whack-a-Mouse Cat Toy ($20)


Wooden Modular Cat House ($526)


Slow Feed Dog Bowl ($9)


Original “Kitty Cot” ($40)


Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty ($19)


Zack & Zoey Pet Hoodies ($9+)


Cyber Monday Deals from 14 of Our Favorite Brands

Cyber Monday Deals from 14 of Our Favorite Brands

Deep breaths. Consumerism is in overdrive today thanks to everyone looking for the best Cyber Monday deals. Assuming your credit card isn’t maxed out or that you’re not currently curled into the fetal position under your desk trying to escape the onslaught of brands vying for your attention today, allow us to share 14 deals from 14 of our favorite brands worthy of your time and hard-earned money. Most promo codes expire at midnight, though, so act fast.

For design-minded, open-ended-play products: Tegu

Use promo code CYBERTEGU for 20% off orders over $100 and 30% off orders over $200.

For eco-friendly toys: Green Toys

Get $10 off order over $20 with promo code CYBER2015.

For kids with engineering minds: Goldie Blox

30% off of everything (no promo code needed).

For app-enabled play products: Tiggly

30% off with promo code TIGGLYCELEBRATION.

For foodie families: momofuku

Use promo code momomonday to get 15% off all ssäm sauce, gift boxes, and exclusive merchandise.

For Francophiles: Petit Collage

Last day to save 75% on sale items and 35% on personalized gifts (no promo code needed).


For those looking for European quality baby and kids products: Sigikid

30% off everything with promo code SNIFF30 plus free shipping on all orders.

For parents who have lots of ink and their kids want some, too: Tattly Tattoos

Take 35% off with code THANKS35.

For those who like technology and dental hygiene: Kolibree

30% off everything (no promo code needed).

For those who want to buy jewelry but are looking for something unique: MYMO

Use the code HAPPYMONDAY for 15% off at checkout.

For apparel that gives back: TOMS

Save 10% of already reduced sales items with promo code GIVE10.

For apparel that is more than just apparel: Betabrand

Get an extra 10% off already reduced prices with promo code TURBOBOOST.

For amazing handmade woodworks: A. Heirloom

20% off with promo code AHCYBER20.

For those who want to book a getaway in style: Design Hotels

40% off at 11 hotels worldwide (visit link above – no promo code needed).

Dad Hack: 26 Dog Costumes Hand-Picked by DogMilk

Dad Hack: 26 Dog Costumes Hand-Picked by DogMilk

With Halloween around the corner, your family has likely spent a lot of time and energy figuring out what the kids will be dressed as this year. However, one fact of life is that dogs in costumes are hilarious. This joy should not be lost just because you ran out of time and didn’t pick up anything for “the other kids.” Well, (one of the finest pet sites on the web) just did all the heavy-lifting for you by selecting 26 great Halloween costumes for you to choose from for your pooch. Thanks, Dog Milk! Click the “buy” link below to see their full list of picks with links to where to get them.


Poppy by Quirky

Poppy by Quirky

Automation. Yeah, it’s scary as hell but its purpose is to make your life easier and we’ll take all the help we can get, right? The folks at Quirky are setting out to make “products that think for you.”  The trio of products just announced will help you in three departments: kids, pets & sanity. Formula is their formula dispenser that will help you keep track of your infant’s feeding schedule with the Wink app and will automatically replentish the formula through Amazon when it senses you’re running low. Pet can be programmed to automatically feed your pet and, when you’ve forgotten, you can even feed them remotely via the Wink app. Again, an Amazon delivery will show up when the food is low. Lastly, Pour-Over is designed to make you great coffee on demand or on a schedule and when you run low on java… Ok, you get the point. But if you haven’t already noticed, not only are these three products going to make your life easier, they’re going to look great doing it.



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