Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The Racing Track of the Future

The Racing Track of the Future

Lucky for you Amazon has a great deal on one of the coolest & most popular toys of the year, Anki Overdrive. This race track can be built in eight different configurations and the cars are controlled via smartphone/tablet apps. Playing solo? There’s even a mode that allows your kid to race an AI controlled 2nd car. The starter pack is 20% off right now and if your kids get into it (and, of course they will) the available expansion packs for additional track pieces and more muscular cars make gift-giving for future holidays and birthdays a breeze. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll love playing with it almost as much as they do.


GoldieBlox – Craft-Struction Box

GoldieBlox – Craft-Struction Box

If you don’t know about GoldieBlox by now and you have a daughter let us introduce you to this amazing company. Their goal is to get girls building things, inventing things, using their burgeoning engineering minds to create spectacular objects. This is why we love their Craft-Struction box full of parts and pieces that can be combined in an infinite number of ways. In addition to the set each week new ideas on what to build and guides on how to build them are uploaded online so your child can follow along if they want. We have seen S.T.E.M. toys explode in popularity this year and that trend will continue into the next. GoldieBlox has been perfecting S.T.E.M. toys for years and this set is a don’t miss!


About That Highway in Your Living Room – PlayTape

About That Highway in Your Living Room – PlayTape

When we saw PlayTape in person last Summer we knew this product was going to soon make its way into everyone’s house sooner or later.  The miles of road your child will create all around your house are almost endless. If you kid’s love playing with cars or trains, trucks or Elsas on roller skates PlayTape is a must have playtime enhancement your house deserves. The mild tape sticks to any surface and can be reused. You can also tell mom that it won’t leave any icky residue so everyone will be having fun.  SAT Prep: Duct tape is to dad as PlayTape is to the child.


20 Gifts for Your “Other Kids”

20 Gifts for Your “Other Kids”

Admit it. This is where your “guilt” money gets spent. Those pets were once considered your children until the real ones came along. Now you inexplicably carry guilt that you don’t give your pet the attention you used to. We’re not saying buying your pet something will make you feel better but, hey, they’ll look good.


Cat Cave ($50)


Jumbl Oversized Cathouse & Cat Scratcher Station ($90)


Circo Dog Basket ($189)


Cloud 7 Sleeping Bag ($160)


Contech Tick Twister Pro ($3)


DogVacay Dog Boarding (Varies)


Self-Warming Crate Pad ($8)


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness ($45)


Muddy Puppy Dog Soap ($8)


Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece ($20+)


Billy Wolf Poop Bag Holder ($25)


Sauder Inside Pet House ($170)


The Odin ($23)


Woozy Cat Hammock ($78)


Whack-a-Mouse Cat Toy ($20)


Wooden Modular Cat House ($526)


Slow Feed Dog Bowl ($9)


Original “Kitty Cot” ($40)


Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty ($19)


Zack & Zoey Pet Hoodies ($9+)


May The Socks Be With You – Star Wars

May The Socks Be With You – Star Wars

Just in case you didn’t hear a cute little crowd-funded indie flick opens tomorrow. Just kidding, it’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it’s probably already the biggest movie of all time and you are probably going this weekend. Go in style with these Star Wars socks from Stance. We know you won’t get them for the premiere but who are you kidding man, you are seeing this thing 4-5 times minimum. Han shot first.


Limited Edition Coloring Books are Something You Need in Your Life

Limited Edition Coloring Books are Something You Need in Your Life

Once your kids graduate from dollar store coloring books and grow tired of the augmented reality coloring pages/apps but are still too young for the crazy intense adult coloring books that are topping the Amazon charts, there’s only one place to turn to: Doodl Club. Each month a new artist “creates a zine-format coloring book that is addressed & delivered to your favorite kid.” The first issue was by artist Jim Stoten and Issue 2 (shipping now) was drawn by Scott Teplin. It’s a great screen-free activity that supports artists and will bring a smile to your kid’s face when each new issue shows up. Because snail mail still rocks.



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