For the Budding Vinyl Enthusiast

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You’ve worked hard to craft your record collection. But considering how much you’ve dropped on it over the years, the thought of your kid handling that first pressing of The Beatles’ White Album on white vinyl sends chills down your spine regardless of how much you want to get them into music. The good folks at Light in the Attic Records & Third Man Records have teamed up to release a new album of “kids” music & kid-sized turntable that your child can call their own. We use the term “kids” music loosely since the compilation features tracks from Nina Simone, Jerry Garcia, Harry Nilsson, Donovan, Vashti Bunyan, Shel Silverstein, Carole King, Kermit the Frog, to name a few and includes a full-color story book to accompany the music while Jack White’s Third Man Records produced the portable mini record player which has built in speakers. You can grab both the turntable and the record as a bundle or pick up the record, CD, download, or turntable individually via the “buy” link below. Kid’s music that won’t drive you insane and gear that they can call their own? That’s a win-win.