Live That East Coast Lifestyle

Live That East Coast Lifestyle

Spring is “sprunging” hard on the east coast right now and we are in that temperature transition period where your winter jacket is too heavy and your rolled up J-Crew button down is not warm enough. So, throw on a hoodie for that walk with the dog after work. This hoodie to be exact. What we love, love, love about East Coast Lifestyle is that these guys bring a chill “west coast” vibe and appropriate is into our hectic east coast lifestyle. When we wear one of their hoodies it reminds us to slow it down a little bit and enjoy the evening.


Sunday Morning Soundtrack – Bob Dylan’s Triplicate

Sunday Morning Soundtrack – Bob Dylan’s Triplicate

There is something magical about Sunday mornings right? Maybe you wake up a little bit tired from the long day before, breakfast is cooking on the stove top, your kids are playing and the sun is casting shadows across your living room. Bob Dylan’s new album Triplicate is the perfect Sunday morning soundtrack. This is Dylan’s third album of cuts from the great American songbook. So, these are the songs that your grandparents dances to in the moonlight, or maybe just maybe played on their radios for your parents when they were little. Introduce your kids to Dylan and this special take on Americana. NPR has a first listen here.

Opinel Le Petit Chef Set

Opinel Le Petit Chef Set

Does your personal Le Petit Chef in training help you make dinner every night? I know ours does so this tiny chef set has come in handy. No only can your personal sous chef peel those potatoes and carrots but they can learn proper knife techniques and even keep all those fingers on the other hand with the awesome hand guard. The peeler and knife boast beechwood handles! No idea here if beechwood is paramount getting a spot in the line at Per Se, but it sure won’t hurt right? Click BUY below to see more about the Opinel Le Petit Chef Set.


Stowaway Your Every Day Kit

Stowaway Your Every Day Kit

Life comes at your fast. Especially once you have kids. You can win the husband of the week award with your s/o by making their life a teensy bit easier. The on the go momma would love to have Stowaway Cosmetics Every Day kit nearly tucked into the side of their diaper/gym/bug out bag.

The Everyday Kit includes 6 of their core products: Beauty Balm, Creaseless Concealer, Cheek & Lip Rouge, Creme Lipstick, Effortless Eyeliner, and Mascara.  All of the products are TSA and EU compliant, 100% paraben, phthalate and Animal Cruelty-free!  The set is customizable as they understand women have different preferences when it comes to makeup.  And they have an excellent Beauty Concierge team who are happy to help with selecting the right shade and colors for your partner in parenting!


Look It’s A Modern Baby Book

Look It’s A Modern Baby Book

I’ll be the first to admit that my first kids baby book is hidden away half filled out and a huge cause of guilt for my wife and me two and a half years later. You young parents know, it’s hard to find the time to fill that sucker out when Stranger Things is waiting to be binged in between midnight feedings with baby and potty training the toddler right? tl/dr, parenting is hard man, so why make it harder? The amazing folks over at Sticky Bellies have put out an awesome modern memory book that is well suited for the Millenial parents. The book is easy to use and features

  • 52 total pages

  • 10-inch x 9-inch hardcover

  • 4 pages for pregnancy details

  • 6 pages for details of baby’s arrival

  • 12 pages for month-by-month documentation of baby’s first year

  • 4 pages for holidays, special firsts and milestones

  • 10 pages for birthday memories

  • 2 pages for the first day of school

  • 1 page for notable things the child says

  • 1 page to write a letter to baby

  • 6 blank pages to use as you like

  • packaged in a keepsake box

Add a reminder to your phone for every month and take the time to write down your memories and milestones. Trust me, you won’t regret it and you won’t be sitting her 29 months later trying to remember at what month did your kid do that amazing thing.


All Baby Needs Is This Whale Blanket

All Baby Needs Is This Whale Blanket

Well, maybe the kid needs a bit more but what is not to love about this oversized whale blanket. The blanket is oversized, not the whale. The whales are small and cute and a perfect compliment to your cooing tummy timer. Also, since the blanket is oversized it will grow with your child and/or come in hand for a dad nap on the couch. Trust us, these blankets are super comfortable for everyone. Invest in this heirloom quality blanket and love it for a long long time.




The uses that a new parent can find for the Flo contact-free smart thermometer are endless. Check your sleeping babies temp my simply placing the sensor an inch from their forehead, check the temperature of that bathtub without guessing and magically make sure the milk you just heated up is the perfect drinking temp for your little guzzler. “Replace those outdated thermometers and stay on top of your family’s health with Flo!”


Hubby and Wifey Mugs

Hubby and Wifey Mugs

Answer: gourmet coffee, premade meals, a 30min babysitting session so they can nap and these awesome mugs to put the gourmet coffee in. Question: What should I get my buddy and his wife who just had a kid? The first few days, weeks, months with a newborn are super challenging for even the most hardened couple. So give them a hand, some food, and some good coffee and they will love you forever. These Hubby and  Wifey mugs will remind your friends that they were “they” for a long time before their new life with baby, has made them thin versions of their once vibrant selves. The mugs will also remind them that things get easier and spending alone time with each other will happen once again. It wouldn’t hurt for you to remind them of all this as well, as the BFF of course.


You Will Love The Circus Ship

You Will Love The Circus Ship

We were gifted this book while on a trip to Maine last summer and instantly fell in love with it, and we totally believe that you and your family will too. The Circus Ship is a delightful new children’s book that captures the readers and the listener’s attention from page one. Your kids will love the vivid illustrations and the enthralling storyline and you will love reading this tale “one more time please”! Click buy below.

When a circus ship runs aground off the coast of Maine, the poor animals are left on their own to swim the chilly waters. Staggering onto a nearby island, they soon win over the wary townspeople with their kind, courageous ways. So well do the critters blend in that when the greedy circus owner returns to claim them, villagers of all species conspire to outsmart the bloated blowhard. With buoyant rhymes and brilliantly caricatured illustrations evoking the early nineteenth century, Chris Van Dusen presents a hugely entertaining tale about the bonds of community — and a rare hidden-pictures spread for eagle-eyed readers of all ages. via


Modern Bunny For The Modern Kid

Modern Bunny For The Modern Kid

Do you think the Modern Bunny likes Modern Love? Silly questions, of course, it does, everyone likes modern love. More importantly, your kids will love playing with this unique stacking toy. Stacking toys are an essential to every nursery whether it be for a hip focal point on the bookshelf next to the Dr. Seuss books or on the floor with your little crawlers. Also, fear not parents all these parts from Petit Collage are safe for your little one to chew and suck on.


New Amazon STEM Club Subscription Service

New Amazon STEM Club Subscription Service

“STEM Club is a monthly program that delivers handpicked, high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math toys to your door at a great price. Each month you will receive a different, age-appropriate STEM toy that will encourage your child to learn through play. From robotics to natural sciences, there’s always a new discovery on the way.” Different packages available for 3-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds and 8-13 year olds.



There Is Still Time – Holiday For Her

Suggestion: Forget about your wife being a “mom” and get her something that will make her feel like her own “woman.” The other part of this, of course, is making sure you give her some time to herself to actually enjoy it so budget time and money accordingly. Here are our suggestions for the woman you decided to have kids with.


Meraki Nomad Smudge Stick ($12) A+ for presentation and anything smells better than dirty diapers.


Brooklinen Luxe Core Set ($149) You don’t spend enough time in bed but when you do, make it count.


Custom New York Times Front Page Jigsaw Puzzle ($45) For 10 minutes of sanity that doesn’t include colorful cartoon characters.


Sleepy Jones Marina Pajama Shirt ($138) Best sleep shirt ever.


Bibliobath Waterproof W.B Yeats Cloths of Heaven & Other Poems ($22) Because a bath and a book sounds great.


Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription ($7+) She needs coffee. Give her good coffee.


Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant Cookbook ($24) Tips from the best.


Solitare Cards ($14) She could use the downtime.


Splendies Subscription ($13+) Send her new underwear every month without feeling like a horny husband.


Everlane Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf ($85) Because everyone is wearing these. It is sure to be on all the “holiday gifts for wife” lists.


Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Frame ($23) Ok, we said this list was for the woman you married, not mom, but she’s still sentimental and will probably dig this.


Kinfolk Subscription ($60) Hell of a lot better than US Weekly.


Causebox Subscription ($55 / quarter) A subscription box that does good and showers your wife with new items throughout the year.


Utter Nonsense Game ($23) Adult game night…


33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Journal ($5) …goes great with wine.


Kohler Moxie Rainhead with Wireless Speaker ($168) She just wants 15 mins to herself – now she can catch up on Serial in the shower.


Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit ($35) Fresh grown herbs make everything taste better.


Ten Cup Classic Chemex Pourover Coffee Maker ($48) Forget the drip. Go pour-over.


Rock Pillows ($120) Because she can never have enough pillows and these are just cool.


Quip ($50) Looks great and you never have to bother buying another toothbrush ever again.


A5 Memobottle ($25) Traditional water bottles don’t play nice with purses.


Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Carmon ($14) For a little inspiration.


Cuyana Classic Leather Zipper Tote ($195) She’s tired of the diaper bag. Get her something nice that can still carry a couple kids’ necessities.


Matching Friendship Collar & Bracelet ($35) She has a bond with her dog that kind of makes you jealous.


Luckies of London Scratch Map ($26) It feels good to visualize all the places you’ve traveled to before the kids came along.


A Very Naughty Girl E-Reader Cover ($30) A punch of personality.


I Miss Drugs Mug ($11) Because, yeah.

Still looking for more? Check out our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide here.

Unique Stocking Stuffers For Your Lady

Don’t be that guy running through the aisles of your local Walgreens the day before Christmas trying to find non-lame stocking stuffers for your wife. She has enough nail polish remover and contact lens solution. How about something a little bit better this year? Here are a few handmade stocking stuffer suggestions from the little known Amazon Handmade.


Watercolor Fox Art Print Flask – ($23) Every classy gal needs a flask in her purse, or should we say every Mom needs a flask for a little relief at the end of a long day of cleaning up toys and chasing toddlers. 


Hipster Ketchup Tea Towel – ($15) – We plow through bottles of “hipster ketchup” here at relevantdad HQ so this may be more of a gift for us than your wife, but chances are she will get a kick out of this tea towel too.


Hand Towel Hook – ($13) Need a funky place to hang that tea towel above or one of the many baby bibs you have laying around on the counters? 


I Heart Pickles Coaster – ($25) Maybe the old cliche is spot on with the mama in your house and pickles were her pregnancy go to.  Maybe not. Either way, everyone loves pickles right?


Zero Fox Given Mug – ($18) Cheeky women make the best partners in crime. Celebrate that.


Nola & Neighbors Beignets candle – ($16) While you won’t exactly be eating beignets and sipping mimosas in NOLA this Christmas at the very least your house will smell like you are.

The GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope…

The GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope…

…is perfect for checking out objects in space or even object that take up space this holiday season, like say looking for a jolly old elf. But seriously, this simple to set up and simple to use telescope makes objects grow 10x so the surface of the Moon will be ripe for exploration by your little Neil deGrasse Tyson. We have a deep love for Educational Insights here at Relevant Dad HQ, any tool/toy that can get the STEM juices flowing in our little ones is a winner in our book. The GeoSafari line has some amazing sets that will rocket your kids minds into a learning adventure.



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