Google Clips – Wireless Smart Camera

Google Clips – Wireless Smart Camera

Google has just released a new smart camera that you can set up in your home to capture those oft-forgotten or missed candid moments. “Google Clips is smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing. So the camera captures beautiful, spontaneous images. And it gets smarter over time.” The AI tech on this camera seems pretty fun. The more it recognizes a face or your pets the more it will take clips of that subject which means the quality of clips that you save will improve over time. The shots will save to your phone’s Clips app and you can edit them into moments using the amazing Google Photo’s app. This is just the perfect app for families who want to spend time IN the moment and not sit behind the screen snapping photos. Now you can laugh with your partner and capture the moment remotely as your toddler puts their legs over their head and mimicks farting while yelling “toot, toot, toot from the butt, butt, butt!” Wait…is that just in our house?


Give ‘Mom Memories’ To Keep Forever

Give ‘Mom Memories’ To Keep Forever

If you are stuck on what to get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day (which you should not be, cough) we suggest you get her a fun picture session from a local photographer. If you live in the lower New England area we have a good deal for you. Our friend KFP Photography has put together a few perfect gift sets for mom that she will love.  Each set comes with a few items that she can instantly pamper herself with and a family photo session that will produce memories for her to keep forever. We know you try hard with your iPhone to capture the fun and insanity of being a parent, but sometimes it’s best to let a pro get those few perfect framable shots that will hang proudly above your couch for years to come. Nothing will make mom happier. Contact KFP today to set up your gift box!rfe

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 2017

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – 2017


Tulum Weekender by Vaalbara ($232) – It’s a step up from her diaper bag and a step closer to her feeling as fabulous as you see her.


Manual Coffee Maker ($99) – Coffee is a gift in and of itself. Just make it for her.


Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Carmon ($14) For a little inspiration. #resist


Splendies Subscription ($13+) Send her new underwear every month without feeling like a horny husband. read more…

Weekend Read – re: the wasps

Weekend Read – re: the wasps

This book might hit too close to home if you are cube monkey or as the author put it a “parasitic employee” of a faceless corporation grinding out a work day, after day after day. This collection of interconnected short stories is a great weekend read, you can finish it with just before you are sucked back into your office full of other parasitic employees as the nest closes in around you. Buy it below on Kindle.

Read the piece that Jack did on David Letterman for us here.


Stowaway Your Every Day Kit

Stowaway Your Every Day Kit

Life comes at your fast. Especially once you have kids. You can win the husband of the week award with your s/o by making their life a teensy bit easier. The on the go momma would love to have Stowaway Cosmetics Every Day kit nearly tucked into the side of their diaper/gym/bug out bag.

The Everyday Kit includes 6 of their core products: Beauty Balm, Creaseless Concealer, Cheek & Lip Rouge, Creme Lipstick, Effortless Eyeliner, and Mascara.  All of the products are TSA and EU compliant, 100% paraben, phthalate and Animal Cruelty-free!  The set is customizable as they understand women have different preferences when it comes to makeup.  And they have an excellent Beauty Concierge team who are happy to help with selecting the right shade and colors for your partner in parenting!


Look It’s A Modern Baby Book

Look It’s A Modern Baby Book

I’ll be the first to admit that my first kids baby book is hidden away half filled out and a huge cause of guilt for my wife and me two and a half years later. You young parents know, it’s hard to find the time to fill that sucker out when Stranger Things is waiting to be binged in between midnight feedings with baby and potty training the toddler right? tl/dr, parenting is hard man, so why make it harder? The amazing folks over at Sticky Bellies have put out an awesome modern memory book that is well suited for the Millenial parents. The book is easy to use and features

  • 52 total pages

  • 10-inch x 9-inch hardcover

  • 4 pages for pregnancy details

  • 6 pages for details of baby’s arrival

  • 12 pages for month-by-month documentation of baby’s first year

  • 4 pages for holidays, special firsts and milestones

  • 10 pages for birthday memories

  • 2 pages for the first day of school

  • 1 page for notable things the child says

  • 1 page to write a letter to baby

  • 6 blank pages to use as you like

  • packaged in a keepsake box

Add a reminder to your phone for every month and take the time to write down your memories and milestones. Trust me, you won’t regret it and you won’t be sitting her 29 months later trying to remember at what month did your kid do that amazing thing.


Hubby and Wifey Mugs

Hubby and Wifey Mugs

Answer: gourmet coffee, premade meals, a 30min babysitting session so they can nap and these awesome mugs to put the gourmet coffee in. Question: What should I get my buddy and his wife who just had a kid? The first few days, weeks, months with a newborn are super challenging for even the most hardened couple. So give them a hand, some food, and some good coffee and they will love you forever. These Hubby and  Wifey mugs will remind your friends that they were “they” for a long time before their new life with baby, has made them thin versions of their once vibrant selves. The mugs will also remind them that things get easier and spending alone time with each other will happen once again. It wouldn’t hurt for you to remind them of all this as well, as the BFF of course.



There Is Still Time – Holiday For Her

Suggestion: Forget about your wife being a “mom” and get her something that will make her feel like her own “woman.” The other part of this, of course, is making sure you give her some time to herself to actually enjoy it so budget time and money accordingly. Here are our suggestions for the woman you decided to have kids with.


Meraki Nomad Smudge Stick ($12) A+ for presentation and anything smells better than dirty diapers.


Brooklinen Luxe Core Set ($149) You don’t spend enough time in bed but when you do, make it count.


Custom New York Times Front Page Jigsaw Puzzle ($45) For 10 minutes of sanity that doesn’t include colorful cartoon characters.


Sleepy Jones Marina Pajama Shirt ($138) Best sleep shirt ever.


Bibliobath Waterproof W.B Yeats Cloths of Heaven & Other Poems ($22) Because a bath and a book sounds great.


Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription ($7+) She needs coffee. Give her good coffee.


Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant Cookbook ($24) Tips from the best.


Solitare Cards ($14) She could use the downtime.


Splendies Subscription ($13+) Send her new underwear every month without feeling like a horny husband.


Everlane Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf ($85) Because everyone is wearing these. It is sure to be on all the “holiday gifts for wife” lists.


Clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Frame ($23) Ok, we said this list was for the woman you married, not mom, but she’s still sentimental and will probably dig this.


Kinfolk Subscription ($60) Hell of a lot better than US Weekly.


Causebox Subscription ($55 / quarter) A subscription box that does good and showers your wife with new items throughout the year.


Utter Nonsense Game ($23) Adult game night…


33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Journal ($5) …goes great with wine.


Kohler Moxie Rainhead with Wireless Speaker ($168) She just wants 15 mins to herself – now she can catch up on Serial in the shower.


Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit ($35) Fresh grown herbs make everything taste better.


Ten Cup Classic Chemex Pourover Coffee Maker ($48) Forget the drip. Go pour-over.


Rock Pillows ($120) Because she can never have enough pillows and these are just cool.


Quip ($50) Looks great and you never have to bother buying another toothbrush ever again.


A5 Memobottle ($25) Traditional water bottles don’t play nice with purses.


Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Carmon ($14) For a little inspiration.


Cuyana Classic Leather Zipper Tote ($195) She’s tired of the diaper bag. Get her something nice that can still carry a couple kids’ necessities.


Matching Friendship Collar & Bracelet ($35) She has a bond with her dog that kind of makes you jealous.


Luckies of London Scratch Map ($26) It feels good to visualize all the places you’ve traveled to before the kids came along.


A Very Naughty Girl E-Reader Cover ($30) A punch of personality.


I Miss Drugs Mug ($11) Because, yeah.

Still looking for more? Check out our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide here.

Unique Stocking Stuffers For Your Lady

Don’t be that guy running through the aisles of your local Walgreens the day before Christmas trying to find non-lame stocking stuffers for your wife. She has enough nail polish remover and contact lens solution. How about something a little bit better this year? Here are a few handmade stocking stuffer suggestions from the little known Amazon Handmade.


Watercolor Fox Art Print Flask – ($23) Every classy gal needs a flask in her purse, or should we say every Mom needs a flask for a little relief at the end of a long day of cleaning up toys and chasing toddlers. 


Hipster Ketchup Tea Towel – ($15) – We plow through bottles of “hipster ketchup” here at relevantdad HQ so this may be more of a gift for us than your wife, but chances are she will get a kick out of this tea towel too.


Hand Towel Hook – ($13) Need a funky place to hang that tea towel above or one of the many baby bibs you have laying around on the counters? 


I Heart Pickles Coaster – ($25) Maybe the old cliche is spot on with the mama in your house and pickles were her pregnancy go to.  Maybe not. Either way, everyone loves pickles right?


Zero Fox Given Mug – ($18) Cheeky women make the best partners in crime. Celebrate that.


Nola & Neighbors Beignets candle – ($16) While you won’t exactly be eating beignets and sipping mimosas in NOLA this Christmas at the very least your house will smell like you are.



We are all getting to the age where we a.) feel it & b.) have to stop and think about how old we are. Is it 34 or 35? We are also at the age where we have been saying for far too many years that we need to start taking a daily multivitamin. It’s easy to say you will start taking vitamins but we all know that you have tried 2-3 times in the past for just forget for a few days and then a few weeks and soon you just forget altogether. If only there was an easy way to make taking your daily dose a part of your morning routine. Well, we found one. EFFBOMB is a dissolvable multivitamin that you slip into your morning coffee and don’t have to give a second thought. Easy right? Just dissolve a tab (think tab like Airborne) into your joe and off you go. With your morning kick of caffeine, you will also be getting your daily dose of 20 essential vitamins and minerals that will help your aging dadbod feel like it’s in its 20’s again. The tabs come in three flavor profiles to compliment your coffee, mocha, vanilla or hazelnut. So hurry up and back this Indiegogo EFFBOMB that was created by a dad like you!


Your New Favorite Sunglasses Are A Soda Bottle

Your New Favorite Sunglasses Are A Soda Bottle

Just because it’s officially fall doesn’t mean that you have to give up the sun. In fact, we contend that the best time to be outside is right now. It’s beautiful out (unless it’s not, it really depends on when you read this you know). Don’t forget to protect those sexy eyes of yours, the sun is still out there right? We just found your new fav sunglasses and they are from a little startup called Norton Point. What makes Norton Point sunglasses so kickass is that they are made from ocean plastic. You know all those bits of junk that are floating around in the current killing fish by the thousands? Yeah, so not that plastic, some but not enough of it, is being put to good use. Keeping your eyes safe. So pay some penance for the time you threw that Dr. Pepper bottle out the window on your college road trip to South Beach and grab some seriously cool shades.


How To Nail The Start Of Summer

How To Nail The Start Of Summer

We may be headed #BackToSchool but there is still some juice left to be squeezed from the waning weekends of summer. We’ve told you how to make the most of your trip to the beach, but we have a few more items you might want to check out to maximize your summer fun.


Get Patriotic with this USA inspired American flag pool pong table! ($50) Make Harambe proud this Labor Day weekend and play some pong on this inflatable table.


Get The Coolerbobs Experience! – ($10) Do you need neon lights in your cooler? No. Do you want them? Yup!


Colder Beer Is Better!  – ($22) The bottle keeper will keep your beer cold, discrete and delicious. Try one of our top summer beer suggestions in it.


Float on Pizza!($40) Nothing says you rock the end of summer better than laying on a piece of blown up pizza. (*Model not included, sorry.)

Enjoy the remaining sun & #FreeLochte!


The Average Truebill User Saves $512!

The Average Truebill User Saves $512!

“Are you really still paying for that?” When you have kids you pay for a lot of things. Diapers, wipes, food, bottles, binkies etc. Then you add on all your normal bills and life becomes stressful. In your 30’s you begin to pay for so many different things you start to lose track. Take this for example just the other day my darling wife says “what did you buy at Amazon last week for $9?” “Nothing as I recall.” Well, it turns out when we cut the cord last year but wanted to watch Homeland (Quinns not dead) I added on Showtime to our Prime account. Well, it’s been months and I had forgotten about it and we haven’t watched Showtime in Prime in that ensuing time.

Truebill would have fixed that. Truebill is an app that scours all of your subscriptions and keeps you up to date on what you are paying for, when and how much. You have a one-stop shop where you can cancel and unneeded services instantly and use that money for more important things like late night Wendys runs. All those handy subscriptions really add up by the end of the year so just think about how much money you could be saving with this FREE service. Download today and thank us later.


Mix the Perfect Cocktails Effortlessly – EZ-Drinks

Mix the Perfect Cocktails Effortlessly – EZ-Drinks

Look, we can’t all be hipster bartenders from Williamsburg mixing up cocktails like we are gunning for an alcohol soaked Michelin Star, now can we? In fact these days it’s hard to find the time to mix more than two kinds of booze together without screwing it up royally. That is why we here at Relevant Dad normally sticktobeer. When we found EZ-Drinks on Kickstarter we knew we had found the best tool a dad can have for entertaining. With the pitcher and cocktail rulers, you can make 20 different drinks that will impress your friends and woo your wife. With EZ-Drinks you can become a flawless bartender 48oz at a time. The best part of EZ-Drinks is that you can take it on the go. Take it to the tailgate, take it to the beach, take it to your buddies house for football Sunday, take it camping, just don’t let your son take it to college. He has to pay his dues with cheap beers and cheap shots. Back this Kickstarter now and enjoy drinks by the pitcher full very, very soon. read more…


Why Parents Love Para’Kito

Why Parents Love Para’Kito

With all of the recent news about mosquito-borne illnesses, we wanted to share with you a great brand we first found when vacationing abroad. Para’Kito is the global leader in mosquito protection and it’s now available in the states. Parents love and trust Para’Kito because it is DEET free, easy to use/apply, and it only uses natural-based active ingredients like citronella, rosemary and geranium oils to repel those pesky bugs.  Their repellents come in a few different forms like the refillable band & clip, a roll-on gel, and a unidose gel. We used the refillable bands (they last for two weeks) while on vacation in a swampy part of Italy last year upon a local’s suggestion. What we loved was the comfort and protection our family had. You almost forget you are even wearing the bands they are so stylish and comfortable. While the summer here in America ramps up so does the threat of itchy swelling bites and rapidly spreading disease from mosquitoes. The bands and clips are perfect for your camp bound kids, your weekend hiking adventures or just for playtime in your backyard. The whole family will look stylish in the wide variety of bands. We love the Brazilian band the most. read more…


You Need A Toothbrush Shield

You Need A Toothbrush Shield

We have been doing a lot of travel lately and oh boy, have we been loving these toothbrush shields from IntelliDent. Listen, we are the first to admit that we are getting older and maybe in our 20’s we would have thrown our toothbrush straight into the weekend bag willy nilly not caring what it touched. However, with age comes wisdom and we know how gross that is. IntelliDent makes these awesome little toothbrush shields that slip over the business end of your toothbrush and you don’t have to worry what germs you might be picking up from that Super 8’s sink area. The pro here is that they are disposable but also last for up to a week which is perfect for your vacation or even just a normal week around the house. Toddler proofing right? Don’t willingly contaminate your toothbrush, trust this toothbrush shield from IntelliDent, we do.


Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

What makes a song truly great is when it has it’s own atmosphere. Entwined within each note is a mix of emotion so palpable that you can almost touch, see and taste it. Think Robert Johnson’s Crossroad or Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb. Or, how about Blowing in the Wind, Life on Mars, Hallelujia, Valarie, God Only Knows… you get the points. Some music is so beautiful and so meaningful that it deserves the very best output. Sony knows that and thus they invented perhaps the most beautiful wireless speaker we have ever seen. The Sony Glass Sound Speaker looks more like a vintage hurricane lantern than a modern speaker and that is the point. One might never notice it sitting on a porch in Nantucket one August evening next to a glass of wine.  The speaker was designed to blend into the atmosphere of your home and enhance the atmosphere of your music.  The price tag is hefty for a speaker but for audio buffs and interior design nuts this speaker will be on the top of their must-have list. Let your music glow. read more…


How To Beat Your Kids At Video Games

How To Beat Your Kids At Video Games

Do you know where your kids are? No, probably not. They have been outside chasing Pokemon all day and haven’t come home for dinner right? We know you might not know much about Pokemon Go but if you are a Millennial parent chances are you know a whole lot about NES games from the 90’s. Super Mario Bros, Tecmo Bowl, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and more will all be included in the new NES Classic Edition (available Nov 2016). “The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition is ideal for anyone who remembers playing the NES, or who wants to pass on those nostalgic memories to the next generation of gamers.” What could be better than spending a few hours playing your childhood video games with your own children? We have a feeling that all of these games still hold up and your gamer kids will get a kick seeing how good their old man is at playing them. With the NES Classic Edition, you just might have a shot to beat your kids at video games for once. So head to your local Poke Gym and find those kids of yours, dinner is getting cold.


Fix Your Bad WiFi Forever

Fix Your Bad WiFi Forever

Can we get the data from Fitbit on the number of calories burned every day by people getting up off the couch or up out of bed to go downstairs to restart their wireless router because their internet is crawling? That number has got to be in the millions right? Just think about how many Frappuccinos that can add up to! Up until recently that caloric number in my house had to equal out to at least an extra scoop of mint chocolate chip at night, at least that is what I told myself on the trips to the freezer. What makes that even worse is that living with slow WiFi had become totally acceptable! Death, taxes and slow internet as the saying famously goes right?

Buffering, router restarting, giving up on trying to load a funny gif, dropped facetime calls with family out of state, we have all become accustomed to waiting or giving up altogether. Things were so bad that we had to choose between keeping our baby monitor on or watching the next buffering episode of Orange Is The New Black smoothly. “Hun, do you have her on?” was a phrase I’d yell from our home office nightly because the internet signal coming from one room away was so bad that I felt like I was 15 again trying to load a picture of Pamela Anderson (hey, it was 1998) on my computer line by line by line before my parents came in. 

A little over five months ago I had had enough of this weak signal, so I broke down and bought a brand new router on Amazon and had it overnighted to my house. I made sure it had good reviews and cost me a lot of money because that is the sensible thing one does right? We also changed our ISP in hopes that they would be better, faster and our lives would become easier. Things seemed okay at first but then quickly went back to being that same crappy internet acceptance lifestyle that we had become accustomed to. Looking back things were never better with the new router, it was just a brief psychological lift that we had been experiencing from having something new and shiny to look at. When we switched ISPs we opted for a plan that boasted 150mbps, our last speed test with the old company and router topped out a 4mbps. F-O-U-R. At this point, it didn’t take Benedict Cumberbatch to figure that our house was part of the problem.

One of the great things about working at Relevant Dad is that we spend a lot of out time finding new products that families might enjoy. On a post-it note full of products I had come across one way or another, I had written down eero and underlined it twice and noted next to it “better wifi” and then I had underlined that twice too, which told me through my keen deductive reasoning that eero was something I probably better check out. Call it fate or luck but the same day that I had a realization that my house was not built for a good wifi signal I took another look at “Finally, WiFi That Works” were the words that greeted me as the page loaded. Okay, you have my interest eero. Now what. WFB, work from backyard the page proclaimed. Amusing, as if that is even possible! However, I like this idea that WiFi is a system not originating from one point in your house but from three. Multiple access points working together? Well, that sounded like the very thing my house required. If my life were like an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this would be the point where the theme music begins to play and the title cards would read “The gang gets better internet.”eero Web Photos

When my eero WiFi system came I knew from the moment I opened that package that it was going to change our time at home online for the better. Just the attention to detail that went into the packaging was impressive. You know that old adage, “dress for the job you want”? Well, eero comes dressed ready to impress at the MET gala. Each eero access point comes with supremely spooled power cords and slimline outlet plugs. I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I was at the packaging display, it was almost too pretty to disrupt but the lust for working WiFi conquers all. Give me my funny GIFs new wireless router overlords, please!

The setup from top to bottom took me less than 20 minutes, it literally was plug and play. From the comfort of the eero App I selected my personal preferences for the system and worked my way from the home base access point to one in our bedroom and then another in the office. Each step of the way the app guided me through my options. Once the system was up and running I took it for a test drive. Two iPad, two iPhones, one Apple TV, a baby monitor and a PC all were connected and working the network. My speed test topped out at 134 Mbps. I cried. You have to remember that just a week before it was 4 Mbps. What makes eero stand apart from the rest of the field is it’s mesh system that blankets your home with reliable WiFi. Our house works with three access points but the cool thing is we can add more if we want to and it will work even better. Inconceivable! It’s 2016 people, your furnace or central air are no longer the most important systems in your home. Without fast WiFi securely blanketing your abode your family will be left behind.  So listen to my cautionary tale, don’t be fooled into buying a better cable package, or a new router with that one extra antenna, run, run, run to and fix your bad wifi forever.eero dashboard-screenshot

It has been about two months of using our new eero system and we have had no complaints. The only time that it has powered off was when some guy took a joyride into a telephone pole a few streets over and we lost power for 3 hours. The system has even gotten faster due in part to some sort of magic on eero’s part. Software and security updates  to the system to make it safe and efficient happen automatically so we don’t have to worry about a thing. When we have guests over it’s super easy to allow them access to our network through the App. No more yelling “19865356 lower case y k 6785 capitol TXY 1345″ from the notebook you have your network id written down in. Oh, and no more sharing your embarrassing password that you have had since signing up for AOL instant messenger in the late 90’s. It gets better, eero has even introduced parental controls that allow family time to stay family time with no distractions. FINALLY, WiFi that works! Sing it in high everyone! The only gripe that I have and it’s a big one is that all those extra calories I used to burn getting up off the couch to re-start the old solitary router are catching up on my waistline.  #NoMoreFrappachinos :(

eero wordmark_grey

$200 +


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