Reuters TV App Brings the News to You

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Dads are busy. Dads want to know everything. Dads have short attention spans. This is why dads need the new Reuters TV app in their life. Reuters has been one of the most trusted names in News for decades (160 years, in fact) and their new app is kind of a game changer. Imagine you’re a producer of a nightly news program deciding which pieces to air and in what order. It’s kind of like that. Content is frequently updated throughout the day so your personalized program evolves as news breaks. You can even set the program length from 5 to 30 minutes depending on how much time you have, skip the stories you don’t want to watch, live-stream events, and download programs for when you’re offline. Did we mention the slick-as-hell interface? Well, it has a slick-as-hell interface and works on all iOS devices including the new Apple TV. Perfect for cord cutters, busybodies always on-the-go and progressives tired of the 24-hour news cycle but still want to keep up with news. Yeah, you need this app.