Shameless Plug Taco Takeover

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Everyone loves tacos, and if they don’t you shouldn’t associate with such shady characters. Sadly the world was missing a taco-themed game, until now. In Taco Takeover, everyone gets a plastic taco shell and an order ticket. Players race to find the right toppings to put into their taco shell that match the ingredients listed on their order ticket. It’s a fast and messy game where each round is over in a matter of seconds and it’s fun for both kids and adults (not to mention a clever way to keep your family around the dinner table). Whether or not it’s Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday, now every night can be taco night. 

What’s a Shameless Plug? In the spirit of full disclosure, we here at Relevant Dad will always tell you if we’re posting a product, service or destination that we’re connected to financially or professionally. Taco Takeover is a product that was developed by one of the founders of this site. While that doesn’t make it any more awesome than anything else found on Relevant Dad, we just thought you should know.