Culture Checklist: June 24, 2016

Culture Checklist: June 24, 2016

As we Brexit the crazy week that has given us non stop news every day let us take a moment to reflect on some of the finer things you can partake in this weekend. The Avett Brothers just released their new studio album True Sadness and critics are raving about it so far. Netflix has a charming Paul Rudd movie that you and your significant other can dive into once the kids have crashed. We also want to suggest that you take a moment to read Charles Pierce’s This Whole Thing Is About the Right to Be Heard, which is a fantastic piece on the house democrat’s sit-in and gun violence in general. We also have a salad from Cup of Jo that is perfect for the summer and a beer that is an ode to Brexit 2K16. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: The Avett Brothers – True Sadness

Via Spotify

Watch this: The Fundamentals of Caring

Via Netflix 

Read this: This Whole Thing Is About the Right to Be Heard

Via Esquire

Eat this: Halloumi, Peach and Cherry Salad

Via Cup Of Jo

Drink this: Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter

Via The Old Brewery, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

Surfer Bear Onesie

Surfer Bear Onesie

If your kid entered the world with perfect hair and white vans on they probably already own a Surfer Bear Onesie. For the rest of you, you can create a faux California kid by checking out this chill onesie from Headline Shirts. The slightly improved take on the California flag boasts the best of what Cali has to offer, bears, surf and a cool ride to the beach. Now that summer has officially hit your baby can ride those waves…or water table splashes in style. Don’t worry there is also a tee shirt for the older kids, we don’t want them to be left out. So, crank up the Best Coat, slip on the Babiators and have a dance on the beach. read more…


The Fresh Catch of the Day: Happy Salmon

The Fresh Catch of the Day: Happy Salmon

If a game called “Happy Salmon” sounds ridiculous, you’re right. It totally is. And that’s why it’s the game that everyone will be (or should be) talking about this year. Forget about all those “edgy” party games trying to duplicate the success of Cards Against Humanity. They’re a dime a dozen and few actually end up being any fun. Instead, think of something completely different that comes packaged in a fabric fish… Stay with me here. Happy Salmon from North Star Games is for ages 6 and up (though we guarantee it will make a great drinking game, too) and plays best with big groups. Each player plays the top card from their deck simultaneously and tries to find another player with a match. What’s fun is that everyone’s shouting at the same time and you have to complete the corresponding physical requirement (like a high five) before you can move on to the next card in your deck. The first person to get through their deck of cards wins. Words can’t describe how chaotic and fun it is. It’s a perfect game to buy for kid’s birthday gifts and is portable enough to go with you on all your summer vacations. Our family will be playing it over and over again for a long time. 

A “Relevant Dad Toy Fair NY16″ pick – one of the best products we found at Toy Fair. 


The New Amazon Pilot Season is Upon Us

The New Amazon Pilot Season is Upon Us

You already have Amazon Prime – but are you taking advantage of all the great, free programming on Amazon Video? Amazon Video continues to dominate the field of kids content with the addition of another six pilots (and two more for the adults) just unveiled. Little Big Awesome, Morris and the Cow, Toasty Tales, The Curious Kitty and Friends, Jazz Duck, and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters offer a mix of traditional animation, stop motion and live action for preschoolers up through school-age. As we’ve shared with you this time last year, Pilot Season is a great way to find something new for the family to enjoy and if you take the time and vote for your favorites you can even feel like you were part of the process. Check out all the new pilots here and then take the survey here.

Your Kids Will Want To Sleep Forivor

Your Kids Will Want To Sleep Forivor

Being an adult you are sure to know that magical feeling of sinking under your covers on a lazy morning when you may be well rested but the floor seems miles below you and your bed is the perfect enchanted sanctuary. Forivor is creating a line of children’s bedding that will inspire your kids to sink under their own covers and live in a magical world. These wonderfully illustrated organic children’s bedding sets will spark the wild imaginations of your kids as they awake each morning and fall asleep each night. The magic moment where they float in between wake and dreams will be filled with wonder under these UK designed covers. “One side of the bedding depicts a British woodland, where wildlife hides in the undergrowth and up in the branches of the trees for children to find. Turning over the bedding reveals a transformed nighttime world. A place of wonder, where glow worms light up the enchanted forest and fantastical creatures play in secret burrows underground.” The set also comes with a set of storytelling cards that will prompt your kids to use the storybook illustrations on either side of the reversible duvet covers to imagine their own escapades in the woodland by day or night. Join their just launched (and fully funded on day 1) Kickstarter and pre-order yours today13443071_1039959989418656_8357094528421280501_o


Your Kids Want an Octopus

Your Kids Want an Octopus

If you have a preschooler, you’re aware of the fact that these kids have absolutely no concept of time. In our house, “the other day” means yesterday and “five more minutes” apparently means “just three more episodes of My Little Pony.” A newly launched Kickstarter (that’s already fully-funded BTW) aims to help little ones gain a better sense of time via a smartwatch called Octopus. Well, we can’t exactly call it a smartwatch. It’s an “icon-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It’s a watch, it’s a scheduler, it’s an assistant.” We’ve got a hunch that a kid that gets a reminder to brush their teeth on their watch is going to be a lot more excited to do so than they are when you nag them to do it. Sign. Us. Up.


Culture Checklist: June 17, 2016

Culture Checklist: June 17, 2016

With Father’s Day this Sunday chances are you won’t have much time to yourself this weekend. In case you do, here are a few suggestions. Ever want to watch a movie written entirely by a AI software? Now you can! RHCP dropped a new album today and even though it’s textbook “dad rock”, admit it – you want to ignore it but your 14 year old self still wants to check it out. Feeling low? This checklist of simple things might actually lead to a happier life. We don’t exactly have a recipe for you this week. Instead, here’s a list of the best 50 restaurants in the world. If you’re in the NYC area, you’re in luck. Otherwise you might have to catalog the rest for future visits abroad. And since we’re gonna be hanging with pops by the grill this weekend, we have a no-frills lager a little classier than the swill he’s used to drinking (but not so fancy he’ll start insulting you). You’ve gotta…

Hear this: The Getaway – Red Hot Chili Peppers

via Spotify.

Watch this: Sunspring | A Sci-Fi Short Film Starring Thomas Middleditch

via The Scene / Ars Technica.

Read this: Want to Be Happier? Science Says Do These 11 Things Every Single Day

via Inc.

Eat this: Here’s the 2016 ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ List

via Grub Street.

Drink this: House Beer Lager (4.8% ABV)

via House Brewing Inc.

P.S. Don’t forget Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premieres Wednesday, June 22nd on HBO.

Happy Father’s Day, guys. Have a great weekend. Enjoy that family time.

Rocking Fatherhood With Chris Kornelis

Rocking Fatherhood With Chris Kornelis

When we heard that writer Chris Kornelis was putting out a book called Rocking Fatherhood: The Dad-To-Be’s Guide to Staying Cool we knew we were going to love it. Then add the forward from one of our childhood heroes Duff McKagen and we were more than sold. The book is a must have for any new or expecting dad  (or mom), so much so that we caught up with Chris last week and picked his dad brain on a few different things.

One of the big takeaways from Rocking Fatherhood for us is your mantra about doing what is best for your family. That is a pretty unique stance in the modern parenting world where media sites (ourselves included) urge new parents to take this advice or buy this miracle product. Was that mindset easy for you and your family to come to or did it take time?

From the beginning, I think we were pretty level-headed about it. But, as time went on and we started looking under the hood at the recommendations, it became clear that the best thing for the baby is what’s best for the family, and that we should feel good about living the life that we think is best for all of us.

Recommendations often leave very little room for nuance. But when you talk to experts in these fields, they’re usually much more measured and reasonable. The vast majority of them told me, generally, the most important thing is that the family’s happy and that the baby’s loved and taken care of.

What is harder, getting a rock star to sit down long enough for a substantive interview or getting a toddler to sit down for dinner?

That’s a good question, but, in my experience, neither is very hard. Rock stars are usually more than happy to talk about themselves. And my kids, like their dad, rarely skip a meal. You see what I did there? I’m trying to not say “good eater.” I’ve been a good eater my whole life, but at some point, people stopped congratulating my mom.


Father’s Day is coming up, what does your perfect Father’s Day look like?

As long as I’m with my family, I’m good. But, perfect? All of us – my two brothers and their families – meet up at my parents’ house at 10 a.m. for brunch, which involves bacon, cheese, eggs and leftovers. Then at noon my younger brother, Simon, brings out some Tomahawk Rib Eyes. Then we all hang out, play outside and talk about wool for a couple hours and snack on Chinese Barbecue from Kau Kau – a joint in Seattle that’s my son’s favorite (OK, our favorite). Around 4, we break into the brisket and a little red wine. Once the kids are in bed, we start watching the Godfather and I fall asleep before Marlon Brando has a heart attack. That’s best case scenario. The reality is I’m out before the end of the wedding. read more…




No one wants that “World’s Greatest Dad” tee shirt or any of the other countless iterations of that sentiment, for that matter. The actual World’s Greatest Dads embody it through a number of actions that can not be quantified. Basically, if you need a tee shirt to say it, you’re doing it wrong (or somebody forgot that it was Father’s Day this weekend). So when we discovered this tee from Barking Irons, we had to give them credit for making the first  dad-themed tee we’d actually want to wear. Why? A shirt that says “Rock and Roll Is Dead” is a shirt we would wear anyway. But the subtle deletion of the letter “E” from “dead” turns this shirt into double-take gold. Plus, it’s comfy as hell. So whether you’re a busy mom who hasn’t had time to pick something up for dad or you’re a dude reading this and realizing you forgot to grab something for your own pops, this tee can still arrive in time for Father’s Day as long as orders are placed by tomorrow night (6/15).


Get Picnic Chic With Case of Bass

Get Picnic Chic With Case of Bass

We saw the sign (dad joke…groan) and that sign lead us to Case of Bass and now we want them all. The Relevant Dad offices are in desperate need of a good speaker system so we can play all of the “listen to this” selections from our Culture Checklists. Sure we could go super modern or even retro modern but who loves modern anyways? We fell in love with the idea and style of these handmade portable speakers. Yes, the key word here is portable, never will a group of fathers be as cool as us when we bump The Avalanche’s new jam this summer at a picnic with the fam. We love the Debonair Class but there are styles for every type of dad out there. Check them out. Pictured is the Moto Gucci which is beautiful right?


25 More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

25 More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey dad, we’ve heard that you’re still too hard to buy for. Despite all our Father’s Day content over the past several weeks including our Definitive Father’s Day Gift Guide (not to mention the fact that we have a page dedicated to cool stuff dads want), apparently people still need more ideas for you. Okay, fine. Here’s a bunch more stuff we want.


Stereo Tube Amp with Bluetooth Speakers ($200) Looks great, sounds great, right price – yes, please.


Record Crates for our 7″s and 45s ($35) Ikea shelves work great for LPs but storage of 45s and 7″s are a frustration for any vinyl collector.


Aer Gym Duffel ($165) Maybe a nice bag would help us get to the gym more. Maybe.


Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band ($250) It won’t actually improve our game but let us think it does.

read more…

Why Don’t You Own A S’Well?

Why Don’t You Own A S’Well?

Please for the love of your child’s green, green earth put that plastic water bottle down and click through to buy a S’well. What do you need to know about S’well bottles? Well, for starters they are the trendy item to have in Manhattan right now, you can’t ride a subway without seeing a kajillion of them. Sure they are trendy but they are also the most practical bottle we have come across in forever. Cold for 24 hours (we tried it, it’s true) and hot for 12 (if you don’t drink your coffee within 12 hours we don’t want to know you) what’s not to love about that? An added bonus is the amount of good S’well is doing in conjunction with Unicef. A clean planet with clean water for everyone. Now that is something us fathers can endorse. read more…


Culture Checklist: June 10, 2016

Culture Checklist: June 10, 2016

We don’t want to hype this up too much, but this might be our best Culture Checklist yet. We’ve got a podcast episode that will resonate with dads everywhere, the premiere of an eight-hour 30 For 30 documentary garnering universal acclaim, a short piece of fiction featured in The New Yorker this week that, again, will resonate with any dads reading this, a meal you can cook for your family that will impress the hell out of your spouse, and a beer that you’re going to love (if you can get your hands on it). You’ve gotta…

Hear this: Episode 89: Family Snapshot

on The Memory Palace.

Watch this: O.J.: Made in America

Episode 1 premieres on ABC this Saturday 6/11 at 9pm EST before moving to ESPN for the remaining 4 episodes.

Read this: “Fable” by Charles Yu

via The New Yorker.

Eat this: Chicken & Cauliflower Bowls with Cilantro Lime Sauce

via The Simple Foodie.

Drink this: Space Juice Double-IPA (8.7% ABV)

by Long Trail Brewing Co.

Q. “What do you want for Father’s Day?”

Q. “What do you want for Father’s Day?”

A. “Nothing”

Look, now that we are fathers ourselves we get it. We don’t NEED anything, not really. Sure it used to grind our gears when our own fathers answered that question with a shrug and either, a. “Nothing really” or b. “socks and underwear I guess.” Truth is we do need some new socks and underwear but we won’t make our kids or wife buy them for us. So, this one if for you dads who still have a father around saying “nothing” and for you kids and ladies who find it increasingly hard to buy something for your dads. (It shouldn’t be!)

Here is what you get for the dad in your world who says they want “nothing” for Father’s Day. You get them exactly that. Nothing. Century 21 has teamed up with the small town of Nothing Arizona to lease off small plots of land for 24 hours on Father’s Day. Daddy wants nothing so daddy gets nothing. Dad can find his plot on the map of Nothing and will walk away with a lease certificate that you can fold up and slide into that handmade card.

We took the liberty of gifting ourselves a plot (No. 769941). So, for one day 6/19/16 will not only run a parenting website but will also be landowners in Arizona. Maybe we should move the office there for the day, taxes are cheaper we hear.

Visit to find out more.

On Being A Father: Justin Timberlake

On Being A Father: Justin Timberlake

“It’s incredibly hard, the hardest job in the world and I’ve never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. Oh, my gosh I’m going to call her right after this actually and just thank her. What you have to do for your kid – it’s an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever.”

-Justin Timberlake on The Z100 Morning Show on being a father.

Find the Right Summer Read with Book Marks

Find the Right Summer Read with Book Marks

Review aggregators have been helping us find the best in culture for years now. Rotten Tomatoes is basically the only place you need to go to find a good movie and Metacritic has been the go-to source for finding the most critically-acclaimed music, TV and games (we know they cover movies too but our loyalty stands with RT in the movie department). For some reason there’s never been a sure-fire way to find a good book. Until now. Book Marks is the newly launched service from Literary Hub that aggregates book reviews from over 70 newspapers, magazines and websites helping you find the books with the highest praise faster. The site is easy to navigate whether you’re looking to browse fiction or nonfiction, and you can quickly find the best reviewed or simply browse by genre. Considering it just launched yesterday there’s already a lot there but we believe it’s only going to get better with time as more reviews are added. Of course, we fully understand that what makes a “good book” a good book is totally subjective. But we look at it like this: Dads have seriously limited time to read these days. So before you crack that 700-page doorstop you think you want to read, do a quick search on Book Marks and make sure it’s going to be worth your time.

Eight Must Drink Beers for Summer

Eight Must Drink Beers for Summer

Hey there, welcome to your 30’s. You have a kid, maybe two or three, a house now, and your coffee table is littered with action figures and Lego blocks, not pizza boxes and swimsuit issues. You work hard and play hard and by play hard we mean you rock those tea parties with your daughter every Saturday afternoon. So this summer when you are sitting out under the beating sun don’t you deserve a beer a little more drinkable than a Bud…uh, we mean America? Here are Eight Must Drink Beers for Summer to hold you over until those Oktoberfest releases at the start of football season.


The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose – Made by Anderson Valley Brewing Company

You’ve been working in the yard all afternoon and the sweat is dripping from your brow when you pour The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose into a cold glass. Simply heaven on earth. This Gose features “woody undertone”, lemon zest and hints of tropical fruits. “Flavors of guava and peach are followed by a slight sea salt dryness and lemon sourness that is enhanced by coriander and post-fermentation additions of salt.”


Allagash White – Made by Allagash Brewing Company

While this wheat is available all year around, in our opinion it’s best enjoyed on your stoop or deck at the end of a long Summer afternoon of chasing the kids around. Don’t let its cloudy appearance dampen your mood. Notes of coriander and orange peel will brighten your day. Protip from Relevant Dad’s Beer Advisor Kevin from Western Mass, “Buy a Lindemans Raspberry Framboise and pour into ice cube trays to freeze. Drop cubes into Allagash White. /mic drop” read more…

Following Us Is Super Easy

Untitled design (2)

Millennial parents have to hustle to keep up with everything firing off in their busy lives. Don’t worry about adding us into your time management equation, all our content can come right to you. We’re sorta on demand in that way. Whatever social media platform is your jam we occupy it too. So click, follow and don’t forget to tell your mom and dad friends about Relevant Dad, we love hearing from new parents. Don’t forget to click on the image above for our favorite page.


We are also on Snapchat now because @garyvee told us we needed to be:


Lastly, you can always reach us at we love hearing from you.

We Deserve A Trusco Toolbox

We Deserve A Trusco Toolbox

“Oh baby, just look how beautiful this toolbox is.” (Rubs hands together grinning.) “Wooo-eee.” (Get’s down at eye level and slowly reaches out to touch its cold steel handle.) “Just look at this, will ya!” (Steps back from the table to get a different view.) “Golly!” — What we have here is the 2-Level Cantilever Trusco Toolbox, which may be the only toolbox in the world that can make a guy say “golly” in the year 2016. If you haven’t found the man in your life a suitable gift for Father’s Day or his upcoming birthday, we’d love for you to take a Trusco for a spin. It will stop him dead in his tracks. Now, we know that you ladies reading this may be a bit bewildered as to why this particular toolbox would cause a man to blush and we get it. Just think of this as that travel cosmetic bag that you hunted high and low for at Ulta, Target, Amazon, the beauty supply store on the corner, Sephora etc, etc, etc. Well, we found it. And there she is in all her glory. The toolbox we mean. Not the cosmetic bag you wanted.


Culture Checklist: June 3, 2016

Culture Checklist: June 3, 2016

Sixteen years ago, The Avalanches released an album that is arguably one of the best records of our lifetime. This week they released their first new music since then, and it doesn’t disappoint. Six new binge-worthy episodes of one of our favorite shows just became available today, too. But when you’re not busy playing with the kids this weekend (or binge-watching Netflix), try to squeeze in some time to read this great story, upgrade your fried eggs and make yourself a Michelada. You’ve gotta…

Hear this: The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

on Spotify.

Watch this: Peaky Blinders Season 3

on Netflix.

Read this: Dad’s raw, beautiful post about wife trying to get pregnant delivers every single emotion.


Eat this: A Genius Way to Upgrade Your Fried Eggs

via Slate.

Drink this: ‘Gansett Michelada

via Narragansett Beer Co.

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