It might not happen this summer or next summer but sometime soon dad you gonna realize that you old AF. We’re not really sure how old, old AF is but it’s somewhere between the ages of, “I can do anything, I am invincible” and “I was making chalk drawings in the driveway with my kids and my back seized up and now I am watching reruns of Martin while I lay on the couch icing my oblique.” Luckily some other adults probably had the same problem and invented Walkie Chalk, which to be honest is so simple that we are kicking ourselves that we didn’t think of it first. Walkie Chalk is the perfect sidewalk chalk holder that allows everyone from your toddler to your grandfather to easily and ergonomically partake in the beautiful art of chalk drawing. So all your sidewalk Picassos can save your back and knees and join in on the fun with Walkie Chalk. Oh, and yeah kids love it too!



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