What did Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Rachel Carson, Dorothy Hodgkin and Nina Byers all have in common? They all grew up experimenting with Yellow Scope’s science kits for girls. No, not really but if they could have they would have. Because as little girls all of these women loved science as most little girls do. The moms who started Yellow Scope noticed this fact, but they also noticed something else. Around the time girls enter 8th grade they fall out of love with science for a variety of reasons, chief among them is the sexist social stereotypes that market science to boys and not to girls. Something needed to be done so Yellow Scope creators Marcie and Kelly developed science kits, especially  for girls. These kits are equipped to run your girls through fun yet rigorous experiments that solidify some of the basic theories of the sciences. We need our girls to become scientists, they will inherit a plethora of problems from us that on;y their scientific minds can solve. So, help them fall in love with science today.

P.S. – Boys love Yellow Scope too…isn’t science fun?!



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